What is Trojan.SlayerRAT?

Trojan.SlayerRAT is known to be a dangerous computer infection that usually finds ways to enter computers without permission. People might not know for a long time that they have malicious software installed on their systems because Trojan infections have extraordinary camouflaging skills; however, if your security tool ever detects a threat with this name, you should not ignore that since Trojan.SlayerRAT is a serious computer threat that can cause many problems if a user lets it stay. Judging from the information we have found on its official website (yes, unlike other Trojan infections, it has an official web page), this harmful infection was released in 2015 by a group of people living in Tunisia. Even though it has an official source, specialists are sure that it enters computers secretly in most cases. Users have to remove Trojan.SlayerRAT from their computers not matter how it has appeared on their systems if they wish to be safe. The removal of this infection will not be very easy since it does not have an uninstaller. Of course, our researchers still know how to make it gone, and they are going to share their knowledge with you in the last paragraph.test

What does Trojan.SlayerRAT do?

It is said on its official website that SlayerRAT is a “remote administration tool.” Even though it does not seem to be harmful at first glance, it has become quickly clear for us that it is a program that cannot be trusted. According to researchers working at, Trojan.SlayerRAT is a tool for hacking. In other words, it should enable users to connect to particular computers containing malicious software. Of course, it will not be useful at all for users who are not going to do that. Even though some people find it useful and decide to leave it installed on their systems, it does not mean that it is safe to have Trojan.SlayerRAT installed. It is because it has been found that it might be very dangerous in a sense that it is capable of creating backdoor on the infected computer. Backdoors allow the attacker to connect to the computer remotely and perform different activities on the infected computer. In other words, even though Trojan.SlayerRAT itself allows you to connect to infected computers, it might allow cyber criminals to connect to your personal computer too, which is unsafe and might even result in the entrance of malicious software.

Many users who do not download it willingly do not even know that they have Trojan.SlayerRAT on their computers. If you are not sure whether you really have it installed, you can quickly find out whether it is on your system without the special scanner. All you need to do is to check %AppData%, %ProgramData%, %TEMP%, and %UserProfile% directories. If you can find a folder SlayerRAT there, there is no doubt that there is Trojan.SlayerRAT installed on your computer and you need to remove it right now. Unfortunately, it does not mean that you will not encounter another Trojan infection ever again. It is, of course, possible to prevent such serious computer infections from entering the system, but it will be very challenging to do that alone, so you should install security software as soon as possible.

Where does Trojan.SlayerRAT come from?

Trojan.SlayerRAT might find different ways to enter computers without permission. It has an official website, but it seems that it cannot be downloaded from there, so specialists say that it usually enter computers without permission. For example, it is known that Trojans can be spread through spam emails, so if you have recently opened one of the spam emails from the spam mail folder, it is not surprising that you now have Trojan.SlayerRAT on your computer. Of course, there might be websites promoting this infection too, so, theoretically, a user who has this threat installed could have downloaded it from some kind of bad third-party page willingly as well.

How to delete Trojan.SlayerRAT

Trojan infections are such threats that are usually hard to erase. Trojan.SlayerRAT is one of them, so you will definitely not find an uninstaller of this infection in Control Panel. Fortunately, it is still possible to delete it in a manual way. Your one and only job is to find and delete the folder slayerRAT with the file stub.exe. Our manual removal instructions should help you to erase it; however, if you do not have time to erase threats manually, you can perform the system scan with an automatic malware remover SpyHunter. You can download the free version of this software from our website to try it out.

Remove Trojan.SlayerRAT

  1. Tap Win+E.
  2. Find the folder slayerRAT with the file stub.exe in %USERPROFILE%\Downloads, %TEMP%, %AppData%, and %ProgramData% directories (this folder might be in any of these directories).
  3. Delete it (select it and tap Delete on your keyboard).
  4. Empty the Recycle bin.
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