What is Takeitnow.club?

Takeitnow.club is a website which is better known for specialists at anti-spyware-101.com as a redirect from suspicious third-party pages, such as http://911docs.net. Since it promotes the browser extension for Google Chrome called Fontfully, specialists are sure that promoting this piece of software is its main job. If this website is ever opened for you and goes into full-screen mode, do not click on the Add extension button because we cannot confirm that the promoted extension can be fully trusted and is beneficial. You do not need to click on this button to close this website, you can easily do that by clicking X or tapping Alt+F4 on your keyboard no matter that it has occupied the entire screen. Have you already added the extension it promotes? If so, you should remove it from the list of add-ons in the near future. We can assure you that it is not a harmful infection. Instead, it is just a potentially unwanted application. Even though these programs are far from malicious applications, they might still act in an undesirable way on users’ computers, so letting them stay is a bad idea. Let’s talk about Fontfully in detail first, and then we will focus on its removal.testtesttest

What does Takeitnow.club do?

As mentioned in the first paragraph, users get redirected to Takeitnow.club from another third-party page. If they click on the Add button, they install the promoted extension immediately on their computers. Of course, not all the users know about that. Some of them desperately click on any button they see to close the window opened for them. Fontfully is advertised as an extension that can “change the font of any website.” Judging from the total number (1 904) of users who have installed it from the Chrome Web store (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fontfully/ojoooakbpjekmmdnalbmcdnmggambgki?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog), it is not very popular at the time of writing, but, of course, everything can quickly change in the future. Researchers have tested this extension thoroughly, and now they know that it works well. Unfortunately, it does not mean that it should be called a decent browser add-on, specialists say. They have also revealed that it has one major drawback – it can collect information about users. Such extensions are mainly interested in various details about users’ activities and their habits. Additionally, they are usually capable of accessing data about the user’s machine. Potentially unwanted programs often share the gathered data about users with third-party partners, so users who keep Fontfully active on their computers risk experiencing privacy-related problems soon. Do not be one of those users – uninstall the extension you got from Takeitnow.club today, especially if you clicked on the Add button incidentally.

Where does Takeitnow.club come from?

Takeitnow.club works as a redirect, as you should already know if you are reading this article from the beginning. That is, users are taken to this URL automatically after opening some kind of untrustworthy website or clicking on a bad link. It seems that this website has been created by the developer of Fontfully because it is the only extension this web page promotes. Unfortunately, this distribution method adopted shows one thing about this piece of software too – it is a potentially unwanted program, so it cannot be trusted blindly. Decent applications can be downloaded from their official sources only, and they are never promoted by dubious pages users get redirected to against their will. Therefore, if you have detected this extension on your system already, go to delete it even if it seems to be quite useful. The last paragraph will tell you more about its deletion.

How do I remove Takeitnow.club?

You will no longer see a suspicious website Takeitnow.club ever again if you do not open websites redirecting to it. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to get rid of the extension Fontfully this web page advertises. If you have installed it already on your PC, you must open the Add-ons Manager first, then find it in the list of Add-ons, select it, and, finally, delete it. Below-provided instructions should help you, but if you feel that the manual removal of undesirable software is not for you, you can download a reputable scanner, such as SpyHunter, from the web and use it to remove applications you wish to be gone from your PC.

Fontfully Removal Guide

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Tap Alt+F.
  3. Click More tools.
  4. Open Extensions.
  5. Select Fontfully.
  6. Click on the Trash button next to it.
  7. In the pop-up window you see, click Remove. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Takeitnow.club*

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