Swift PC Optimizer

What is Swift PC Optimizer?

Swift PC Optimizer is a desktop application aimed at users who believe, or suspect, that their computers will start operating faster if some registry junk and unnecessary files will be removed from the computer. Swift PC Optimizer offers users a range of options for enhancing the computer, and these options include registry cleaning, software removal, and temporary files removal, to mention just a few. The optimizer enables users to have its all properties at $19.99; however, we advise you against investing in this program because it is not clearly sure whether the changes made on your computer will have any effect.

Instead of spending money on this questionable program, you should remove it from the computer, because this program falls into the category of potentially unwanted programs (PUP), which are usually distributed as bundled setups, and which have some hidden intentions.

How does Swift PC Optimizer spread?

Swift PC Optimizer used to have an active official website, which was available as swiftpcoptimizer.com, but at the moment, the domain is no longer active. We can only speculate why the developers discontinued maintaining the website, but the fact you cannot access it suggests that the authors are not very serious about their product. Additionally, the PC optimizer is also promoted on freeware sharing websites, including softpedia.com and jaleco.com. Demo versions, as well as free software, can be bundled with a variety of programs, including desktop programs and browser applications. When you find an unknown program running on your computer, that usually means that you have installed it inadvertently when installing some different program. To prevent such occurrences, it is crucial to stay away from questionable websites distributing software. Moreover, it is advisable to bypass websites offering dubious services and products, because such websites might be aimed redirecting you to some infectious websites.

How does Swift PC Optimizer work?

Swift PC Optimizer can start with Windows and run in the background so that various system performance issues can be identified instantly. The program is said to be powered to identify issue related to the Windows Registry, the operating system, and Internet browsers. The program should clean termporary Internet files, browsing history, cookies, and other files. Moreover, Swift PC Optimizer features a software manager allowing users to remove programs or disable them so that they do not start running during the system's startup. These and other features may seem to be handy to those who do not want to browse the system for making some changes.

It is notable that Microsoft does not take responsibility for the damage caused by third-party registry cleaners. The Windows registry is a database that is not intended to be edided, but if you feel the need to remove some unnecessery registry entries, use only trusted guides. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that cleaning the registry alone may not have the desired result. Poor PC performance can be caused by multiple factors, and deleting registry entries that are insignificantly small in size may not bring positive results.

If you want to remove unwanted programs, use the Control Panel utility. For speeding the computer's boot time, disable programs through the Task Manager (Window 8 and Windows 10) or the System Configuration utility (older versions). It is possible to make small tweaks on the system without questionable programs, but if you are determined to use one, find a free reputable optimization tool.

How to remove Swift PC Optimizer?

You can remove Swift PC Optimizer with the help of the removal guide given below, or have the program removed by anti-malware.  In case of manual removal, all that you have to do is uninstall a program, but after doing so, the PC remains susceptible to various threats. If you want all-time protection against malware and spyware, implement a powerful security tool which will terminate Swift PC Optimizer for you in no time and enable you to browse the Internet safely. You cannot known when and what threat may attempt to access your computer to steal your data or record your online actions if you keep the system as it is. So we encourage you to consider implementing a tool that takes care of your online security.

Remove Swift PC Optimizer

  1. Right-click on the Start button (Win 8 / Win 10) and select Control Panel. If you use an older version, click Start and select Control Panel.
  2. Under the heading Programs, click Uninstall a program.
  3. Uninstall Swift PC Optimizer. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Swift PC Optimizer*
Swift PC Optimizer

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