Skeleton Key

What is Skeleton Key?

Skeleton Key is a malicious infection that can bypass your system guard. This Trojan is used by cyber criminals to provide them access to your system and your information. You may not know that you are infected with Skeleton Key because this infection enters your system surreptitiously. To detect such malicious threats at the first stages of infection, you need to perform regular system scans with a licensed antispyware tool. This way, you will be able to remove Skeleton Key on time before it manages to cause any harm to your computer.

Where does Skeleton Key come from?

Like most of the Trojan infections, Skeleton Key has several distribution methods. It may enter your system through spam email messages and via USB virus. This shows that you mustn’t open email messages from unknown senders, especially if they come with unfamiliar attachments. Skeleton Key installer file may look like a regular .exe or even an image file, but once you run it, your system gets infected.

As far as the USB virus is concerned, Skeleton Key may hop from one flash drive to another if they are plugged into infected computers. Thus, before you plug in an unfamiliar USB flash drive into your computer, make sure you scan it with an antivirus program. Being cautious is a lot better than wasting your time on Skeleton Key removal.

What is Skeleton Key?

Skeleton Key is a vicious Trojan that can bypass the authentication of the administrator password. As a result, it can access information on all the users who are registered on a particular computer. What’s more, Skeleton Key can utilize keyloggers to log every single keystroke and eventually this information collected is used to steal information on your banking logins and passwords. On top of that, Skeleton Key can record all the input text and make screenshots of your screen.

This Trojan then sends out the collected data over to a remote server, to its Command & Control center. In general, the Trojan’s behavior is highly dependent on whatever the hacker behind it wants the program to do. Thus, Skeleton Key is always in touch with its C&C center, and it results in a slower computer and slower Internet because the infection makes use of your resources and your bandwidth.

How do I remove Skeleton Key?

Needless to say, Skeleton Key is a malicious infection that should not be tolerated. In the long run, this Trojan may allow other malware to enter your system, and you might as well experience an ultimate system crash.

If you want to protect your system from harm, you must delete Skeleton Key immediately. Manual removal is not recommended because it is a highly demanding task, and only experienced computer users should work with the Windows Registry Editor. Your best option in this situation is relying on a licensed antispyware tool that will scan your system and terminate Skeleton Key automatically. At the same time, the program of your choice will safeguard your PC against similar intrusions in the future. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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