Serbransom Ransomware

What is Serbransom Ransomware?

Serbransom Ransomware could make your data unusable as it is a file-encrypting malicious application. Our researchers at report that there might be different variants of it as the malware’s creators developed a generator that allows making a customized ransomware. Still, the generator does not allow to create a unique malicious application, so all the infection’s variants should be more or less similar. If you believe the threat on your computer could be one of the Serbransom Ransomware variants, you should review the rest of our report. Further, in the text, we will talk about the possible distribution methods and the malware’s working manner. Plus, we will not only suggest a couple of ways you could get rid of the infection but also display steps for manual removal just below the article.test

Where does Serbransom Ransomware come from?

Currently, it is still unknown how the malware is carried on other computers, but our specialists have a few variants. For starters, Serbransom Ransomware could be carried by infected files sent to users via Spam emails. If such files are disguised, they may not look harmful at all, and so less attentive users might open such attachments without suspecting anything. The threat might also be distributed through malicious file-sharing web pages, pop-up ads, etc. Therefore, to stay away from dangerous applications alike in the future, you should avoid harmful websites or suspicious advertising content. Moreover, it would be a smart idea to scan files received via email with a legitimate antimalware tool before opening them.

How does Serbransom Ransomware work?

The malicious application seems to be capable of encrypting lots of various files, for example, pictures, photos, videos, text files, other documents, and so on. This data should be enciphered with a strong encryption algorithm, so the user would be unable to unlock it on his own. According to our researchers, the files might be even marked with a particular extension (e.g. .velikasrbija) that the hackers who distribute the malware might be able to choose while generating their customized variant of Serbransom Ransomware.

Once your files are enciphered the malicious application should open a separate window with the ransom note or drop a file containing the demands, for example, it could be a picture, text document, HTML file, and so on. This note could require you to pay a particular price in Bitcoins or US dollars. Additionally, it can either explain how to make the payment or ask you email the infection’s developers for further instructions. Given there are no reassurances the decryption tool will be delivered if you transfer the money, we advise you to remove the malware instead of making the payment. It seems to us, this is the best choice to make if you do not want to risk your savings.

How to erase Serbransom Ransomware?

Eliminating the malicious application manually might be not the easiest task, but if you are determined to delete Serbransom Ransomware on your own, we urge you to use the instructions prepared by our specialists. The provided steps will list locations where the threat’s launcher could be placed. Besides, it will explain how to erase such data too. Naturally, less experienced users may find this task too complicated. In such case, we recommend using trustworthy antimalware software. It would be useful to have such a tool as it can both help you clean the system from infections that are already there and guard the computer against threats you might yet encounter.

Delete Serbransom Ransomware

  1. Press Windows key+E.
  2. Navigate to the Downloads, Desktop, Temporary Files, or other directories where the infected file could have been downloaded.
  3. Locate the malware’s launcher.
  4. Select it and click Shift+Delete to remove it permanently.
  5. Leave the Explorer.
  6. Restart your computer.
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