What is is a questionable search engine that usually comes with, a malicious application we covered some time ago. If its infiltration is successful, it immediately sets itself as a homepage. Since it is compatible with all browsers, except Edge, it has, most probably, already shown up to hundreds of users. pretends to be a decent search engine that can improve the web searching experience; however, in reality, it is just a browser hijacker which hijacks browsers and then starts generating the revenue for its author. There is no doubt that it has not been released to help users search the web more efficiently, so there is no point in keeping it set as a homepage too. Luckily, it is far from being a malicious application, so its removal should not be that complicated. Of course, you will still have to put some effort into removing it because it enters computers and immediately modifies the Start Page Value in the registry key HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main, the prefs.js file keeping preferences of Mozilla Firefox users, and three separate files (Preferences, Web Data, and Secure Preferences) of Google Chrome so that could be set as a homepage.test

What does do?

We cannot say that does nothing because it returns search results just like decent search providers do. Even though it works quite well, the problem is that its search results are modified. Specifically speaking, some of its search results, despite the fact that they look like normal search results, are pure advertisements. They have been given this form not without reason – the author of gets the pay-per-click revenue, so the more users click on these modified search results, the better. Actually, it is not so innocent activity even though it might seem that there is nothing wrong to help the author earn some money in exchange for using for free. Researchers at say that not all the websites promoted are harmless. Some of them might promote dangerous software which might use system vulnerabilities to get inside. Of course, not all of them necessarily promote untrustworthy software. Some of these pages might contain malicious external links only. On top of that, on the basis of the previous experience of our specialists, some of these third-party websites might try to obtain information, both personal and non-personally identifiable, from users. Generally speaking, it is not safe to keep set as a homepage and use it as a default search engine.

Third-party websites sponsored search results promote are not the only ones that are going to record information about you. It has turned out that might also do that too. It is stated in its Privacy Policy that it is going to record such details as IP address, screen resolution, date and time is used, and all the pages users visit. All these details cannot identify users personally, and it is said that this information is going to be used “for optimization purposes only”; however, dubious search tools are not the ones that should be trusted blindly. They might perform certain activities, e.g. record personal information and then disclose it to third parties even though they claim that they will not do that by any means, so be cautious! If you do not want to live in danger all the time, go to fully remove too and keep in mind for the future that search tools set on browsers without your consent cannot be trusted by any means. Researchers have noticed that they usually travel in malicious software bundles, meaning that it is not so easy to prevent them from applying the undesirable changes. Do not worry, a reputable automatic tool will help you to ensure the maximum protection of the system.

How do I remove

You can go to set a new URL in the place of in order no longer see it; however, we believe that the quicker way to get rid of this dubious search tool is to simply reset browsers to their default settings one by one. This removal method will, of course, still take some time, so if you are a busy person, use a licensed malware remover. Actually, the automatic deletion is the best removal method because all other malicious applications and malicious components will be wiped out at the same time too.

Reset browsers to remove

Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Select Internet Options from the Tools menu (it can be opened by tapping Alt+T or clicking on a button at the top).
  3. Select the Advanced tab.
  4. Click Reset under Reset Internet Explorer settings (see the bottom of the window).
  5. Check the box next to Delete personal settings.
  6. Click Reset.
  7. Click Close.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Launch Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Access the Help menu (press Alt+H simultaneously).
  3. Click Troubleshooting information.
  4. Click on the Refresh Firefox button (it is located in the top-right part of the page).
  5. In the pop-up window which will show up after clicking Refresh Firefox, click Refresh Firefox one more time.

Google Chrome

  1. Open Chrome on your computer.
  2. Click the button with three vertical dots in the top-right corner.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Scroll down until you find Show advanced settings. Click it.
  5. Under the Reset settings section, click on the Reset settings button.
  6. Click Reset in the box that appears.
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