What is is a newly crafted browser hijacker that has been roaming the web lately. Our reports show that, unfortunately, quite a few users already have their PC infected with this invasive application. If you are one of those users, make sure to remove this hijacker without any hesitation since it holds no valuable features whatsoever. In fact, the intrusive application will ruin your online experience by making a few changes to your web browser’s default settings. Most users get their operating system infected with this malicious piece of software because they lack the necessary knowledge about virtual security; thus, our research team provides a few tips that will help you significantly reduce the risk of getting your PC infected with this or any other suspicious program. Make sure to read the rest of this article to learn how works and why its removal is paramount. Below we provide a detailed removal guide that should be used immediately.test

What does do? functions in a rather straightforward way. It is important to note that at the moment this hijacker is only compatible with the Google Chrome web browser. If you are using a different browser you should not feel entirely safe since developers of this hijacker could launch a new version of it, which could be compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and other web browsers. Once this hijacker enters your PC, the default settings of your web browser will be alerted without any notification. Your default homepage and search engine will be modified, and you will have no choice but to use them. We highly advise you to avoid the newly appointed search engine since it has been noticed that some results provided by it could be implemented with redirect links. Clicking on anything that this search engine provides you with is a risk because you could be taken to a suspicious or even potentially malicious third-party website. If you wish to avoid such situation and want to restore your web browser’s default settings make sure to conduct a complete removal of right now.

How to improve your virtual security

There are a few preventative steps that every security-conscious user should take to significantly improve their virtual security. First and foremost make sure to install a reliable antimalware tool because such a tool provides you with overall system security at all times by warning you about any questionable websites or installers in advance. It is also imperative to download your software from official vendors’ websites only since such sites do not tend to provide bundled installers, which are infamous for being the primary source of suspicious and potentially malicious applications. Last, but not least make sure to pay your utmost attention while installing any software as you could be provided with a chance to cancel the installation of some other questionable third-party program.

How to remove

The removal of should be executed without any hesitation. Make sure to do so with your utmost attention because even a single mistake could mean that the hijacker was not removed entirely. This is a rather dangerous situation as we have noticed that at times could be restored by the help of just a few leftover files and registry entries. To avoid such instance make sure to scan your PC with a professional antimalware tool one you have executed the manual removal. This way you will be sure that everything associated with this hijacker has been removed from your computer.

How to remove from Google Chrome

  1. Start your browser.
  2. Simultaneously tap Alt+F.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Scroll down and then click Show advanced settings.
  5. Click Reset browser settings.
  6. Click the Reset button.
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