What is is presented as a powerful search tool for users, but we can assure you that it is not. Instead, it is another browser hijacker released by Polarity Technologies Ltd. It must be true that this company creates all its products using the same template because they do not differ much from each other. As for, it shares similarities with such search tools as and We are not talking only about the interface here. is also usually set on users’ browsers without their knowledge. Frankly speaking, it has been categorized as a browser hijacker because of that. Users whose browsers’ settings have been changed to automatically launch should go to undo these modifications as soon as possible. Its deletion is recommended because it is not a reputable website that can be fully trusted. In addition, it must be eliminated so that it would be possible to set a new website as a homepage.test

What does do? looks like a tool for performing searches on the web. There is a search box powered by Yahoo! on its start page, and, on top of that, a bar at the top makes it possible to access certain pages quicker. It promotes the following pages:,,,, and others. Some users find this feature quite useful, especially if they periodically visit those websites whose quick-access buttons are placed on the start page of; however, they do know that it is the only good thing about this website. Some users say that they have also found this search tool useful because it returns search results, i.e. it works as a search engine. Yes, it is promoted as a search tool and looks like it, but you should not trust it blindly because it differs from Google or other genuine search providers. Specialists cannot call it reliable due to the presence of the modified search results. They might be returned to users when they enter a search query and click on the search button (a magnifying glass). These modified search results do not look harmful, and, frankly speaking, they cannot be called malicious, but clicking on them might still result in security-related problems because they might redirect users to untrustworthy pages. As can be seen, might become a threat to your virtual security indirectly. Additionally, due to its presence, online privacy issues might arise. Open its Privacy Policy document and read it carefully – you will find it written there that this search tool may collect personally identifiable information and then share those recorded details with third parties. Security specialists are concerned about those third parties. They say that this suggests that the gathered data might end up in the bad peoples’ hands too. If it really happens, all kinds of issues will really arise sooner or later.

Where does come from?

Search tools belonging to Polarity Technologies Ltd are all spread in software bundles. They never come alone, so you must have installed other applications next to come too. In fact, users usually download the software bundle promoting this URL from the web when they try to get free software from file-sharing websites. Bundling is one of those distribution methods that are used the most commonly to spread browser hijackers, so if you keep downloading software from dubious pages, you might soon download a new software bundle with a new browser hijacker. Without a doubt, suspicious pages should be avoided at all costs, but this does not always help users to prevent untrustworthy applications from creeping into their systems. Therefore, security specialists say that users should not surf the Internet unless they install security software on their computers.

How to remove from browsers should not be kept set on browsers or used as a default search tool because it is not a legitimate search tool. Resetting Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers to default settings is one of the quickest ways to get rid of it. It can be deleted automatically too. Use a reputable malware remover if you make a decision to erase it in an automatic way. What we can say about the manual method here is that you should use our manual removal guide if you have never tried resetting your browsers.

Remove manually

Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Open Alt+T and click Internet Options.
  3. Click on the Advanced tab.
  4. Select Reset.
  5. Mark the box next to Delete personal settings.
  6. Click Reset one more time.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Launch your browser and tap Alt+H.
  2. Click Troubleshooting information.
  3. Click on the Refresh Firefox button at the top-part of the page.
  4. In the confirmation window, click Refresh Firefox again.

Google Chrome

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. When the drop-down menu is opened, click Settings.
  4. Select Show advanced settings.
  5. Click on the Reset settings button once.
  6. In the pop-up window, click Reset. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of*

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