What is is a search engine that features links to popular legitimate TV-related websites and provides easy access to them via a toolbar. However, we suggest removing this search engine, because there is more to it than meets the eye and in this article we are going to tell you all about it. comes with a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Its true purpose, however, may be generating revenue from redirecting web traffic to website promotions in its search results. For more information regarding this search engine, please read the whole article.testtesttest

Where does come from?

Sometimes, it is difficult to determine a program’s developer. However, in this case,’s website states that its developer is Imali Media Ltd, a largely unknown software developer. However, this search engine is not its first release. As far as we know, this developer has also created several clone search engines in the past. The list includes and a few others. Usually, this developer sets up a promotional and download website to its browser extensions. So you might get from its dedicated website called It downloads the extension for Firefox directly, while for Google Chrome it redirects you to the Chrome Web Store. Yes, that store features this extension, which is a pity. Hopefully, it will be removed from it soon, because, although this search engine is not malicious it is still somewhat unreliable. Furthermore, this search engine’s browser extension is known to be promoted via adware-generated advertisements and pop-ups.

How does work?

Once’s extension is installed it will automatically change your browser’s default search engine and new tab page to, you guessed it, However, this address is just a front as all of your searches will redirected to, another search engine that features promotional links of potentially unwanted programs, such as Reimage and Messenger Plus Toolbar. also features a toolbar located at the top of the browser window. It provides links to mostly American websites, such as Netflix, IMDB, ESPN, Fox Sports, CNN, and many others. So, basically, this is what you get. You will still have to register on some websites and, in truth this extension will not provide you with any advantages. It goes without saying that will also use browser cookies to gather non-personally identifiable information about you for administrative, marketing, and advertising purposes. And rest assured, there will be no shortage of promotional links on this search engine.

Ho to remove

This search engine is incapable of providing you with an honest search service. Therefore, the only solution is to delete it. There are a lot of better alternative search engines that can provide a more user-friendly search service. Keeping for the sake of having access to the aforementioned TV-related websites is a total waste. The fact that this search engine can collect information is another aspect worth taking into account. Therefore, we advise you to consider removing from your browser in a timely manner. removal guide

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Tap Ctrl+Shift+A and go to Extensions.
  2. Find the extension and Remove it.

Google Chrome

  1. Tap Alt+F and click More tools.
  2. Click Extensions.
  3. Find the undesirable add-on.
  4. Click Remove.
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