What is ScreenUp?

ScreenUp is a suspicious program that is meant to help you capture screenshots. Although it works, that does not mean that trusting this program is a good idea. On the contrary, it is far too unpredictable and suspicious to trust, and research team strongly recommends considering its elimination. At the time of research, the official installer that should be represented at did not work; however, the program was spreading. What does that mean? That means that it is quite likely to be spread by third-party software distributors. Is that dangerous? It sure is, and you have to note that malicious distributors are often using attractive programs like this one to conceal or push users into installing much more unreliable and malicious infections. Though we advise removing ScreenUp, much more malicious threats might be active, and that is an important thing to consider. To learn more about why the app is classified as a PUP, and why you should delete it, please continue reading the report.test

How does ScreenUp work?

According to our research team, the installation of ScreenUp can be confusing. In fact, you might not even realize you are installing this app, in which case, there should be no questions as to why it is classified as a potentially unwanted program. Furthermore, once it is installed – whether or not that was done with your permission – an uninstaller is not created, which is very suspicious. If you have uninstalled unwanted programs in the past, you know that uninstallers are available via the Control Panel. Clearly, the developer of ScreenUp does not want you to delete it, and that is not something to ignore. If you realize that the app you installed is not reliable or does not meet your expectations, you should not be stopped from removing it. The thing is that this PUP might have been created for other purposes than to just capture screenshots, and that is why its developer might want to stall its elimination. To learn more about this, you have to analyze the Privacy Policy at

According to the Privacy Policy representing the PUP, it can track personal information, and it is suggested that that is done to improve the quality of the program overall. Unfortunately, the creator of this program reserves the right to share this information with third parties, and that is very strange. Why does a program that is meant to help you save screenshots need to collect personal data? Well, it is likely to sell this information to advertisers and potentially unreliable parties to make money. One of the statements in the Privacy Policy informs that ScreenUp can collect personal information to show targeted advertisements. Have you encountered any suspicious advertisements after installing this potentially unwanted program? If you have, hopefully, you have not interacted with them because that could be dangerous. For example, more intrusive tracking cookies could be placed, and you could be redirected to websites set up by schemers and malware distributors.

How to remove ScreenUp

If you have downloaded ScreenUp yourself, do you know where the launcher file is? If you do, you need to delete it right away. Only by doing that, will you have the potentially unwanted program eliminated. Before you jump to manual removal, install a free malware scanner by clicking the Download link below to help you inspect your operating system. If other threats are found, research them quickly to see if you can and have time to erase them manually. If that is not the case, consider using anti-malware software. Needless to say, there is more than one reason to install this software. Sure, in this case, it is most important that this software can find and remove ScreenUp along with other potentially active threats automatically. However, it is also important to employ it if you want to prevent malicious infections from slithering into your Windows operating system in the future. If you need our advice or help, do not hesitate to contact us using the comments section below.

Removal Instructions

  1. Identify the {random name}.exe file representing the PUP.
  2. Right-click and choose Delete.
  3. Empty Recycle Bin.
  4. Perform a full system scan to make sure no leftovers are active. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of ScreenUp*

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