Raa-consult1@keemail.me Ransomware

What is Raa-consult1@keemail.me Ransomware?

Raa-consult1@keemail.me Ransomware can make your day become a real nightmare because this malware infection can encrypt your files, which you may lose in this malicious attack. This ransomware program seems to target Russian speakers, which is confirmed by the Russian ransom note that comes up on your screen after the encryption of your files has finished. The only way for you to recover your files seems to be to contact these criminals via e-mail. Obviously, you have to pay a certain amount of ransom fee to get the necessary decryption key or tool. However, this is a risky thing to transfer money to cyber criminals because our experience shows that most of the time your files may remain encrypted no matter how fast you try to pay. Another thing is that technical issues may also emerge, such as loss of connection to the Command and Control server, which will also result in the loss of your unique decryption key making the recovery of your files impossible. Since there is no free decryption tool on the web yet, your only chance to save your files is to have a backup copy on a removable drive. But even if you are lucky to have such a copy of your most important files, you need to remove Raa-consult1@keemail.me Ransomware first and clean your computer of all possible malware threats. Let us tell you more about this dangerous malware threat and how you can protect your computer.test

Where does Raa-consult1@keemail.me Ransomware come from?

The only good news about ransomware infections in general is that it is possible to avoid them. As a matter of fact, it is mostly up to you whether you infect your computer with such a nightmarish threat or not. The most frequently used method by criminals to spread ransomware, such as Raa-consult1@keemail.me Ransomware, is spamming campaigns. Most of these malware programs use Trojans to infiltrate your operating system. This means that you will find an important-looking spam e-mail in your inbox that has an attachment. This e-mail can have a very convincing subject and therefore it may be a bit difficult to spot it and realize that it is fake. For example, such a mail could be about an overdue invoice, any issues with an invoice or booking, problem with an undelivered parcel, or anything really that can draw your attention and can make you want to click on the attachment to download it and view it.

However, this is exactly the moment when you actually initiate the attack, as this downloaded file silently downloads this ransomware and activates it right away. This is why being more cautious around your inbox could be a good way to protect your system from similar threats. Although we do believe that the best solution is always to have a reliable anti-malware program installed that can automatically filter out and eliminate such attacks. Because prevention is very important in the case of this ransomware. If you remove Raa-consult1@keemail.me Ransomware after you realize the hit, it could be too late since you will not be able to save your files from encryption.

What does Raa-consult1@keemail.me Ransomware do?

This ransomware uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt your files. The whole process can be very fast since this is a Windows algorithm. So this whole attack could be over by the time you realize that the file you downloaded from the spam mail and you are trying to open may not be what it pretends to be. This vicious threat targets your most important personal files, including your photos, documents, databases, and other third-party program files, so that you will be more willing to pay the ransom fee. All of the encrypted files get a ".{Raa-consult1@keemail.me}" extension that makes it clear which ransomware has attacked you and taken your files hostage.

This malware infection also drops a rich text file called "!!!README!!!{unique_user_id}.rtf," which contains the ransom note in Russian language. This file is opened by WordPad once the encryption has finished. From this file you learn that your files have been encrypted and that you have to write an e-mail to raa-consult1@keemail.me with the unique ID provided in the note in order get further instructions as to the amount of the fee to be transferred and so on. You are also told to use the services offered by bestchange.ru to transfer the money in Bitcoins; however, the amount is not disclosed here. The usual fee can range from 0.1 up to 1 BTC, which is approximately 61 to 610 USD. Before you want to rush to pay these crooks, you should consider a number of things. For example, are your files really worth as much as to pay hundreds of dollars for them? Do you trust that these criminals will send you the decryption key or remotely decrypt your files? Do you trust that the connection between the servers and the infection on your computer will remain steady so that you can actually get the key? Of course, we cannot stop you from transferring the fee; we are simply here to warn you about the potential outcomes. The decision is all in your hands. Our malware researchers at anti-spyware-101.com suggest that you delete Raa-consult1@keemail.me Ransomware if you want to protect your system from more damage.

How do I delete Raa-consult1@keemail.me Ransomware?

It is not that difficult to detect and eliminate this infection if you know where to look. Although this ransomware uses a random-name file, you may still be able to identify it in potential directories where it may be hiding. In order to help you with this, we have prepared step-by-step instructions below. Please follow this guide if you want to manually remove Raa-consult1@keemail.me Ransomware. Preventing malware infections from entering your computer is very important because it could be too late to find such a threat on your system when its dirty job is done. Just like in this case, you may lose all your personal files unless you have a backup copy that you can transfer back to your hard drive or you get very lucky and these criminals send you the decryption key after you pay the demanded price. If you want to protect your computer, we suggest that you keep all your programs and drivers updated and maybe it is time to think about investing some money into purchasing a decent security tool.

How to remove Raa-consult1@keemail.me Ransomware from Windows

  1. Press Win+Q and type regedit. Press Enter.
  2. Delete the following random-name registry keys:
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\* (value data: “%WINDIR%\Syswow64\*.exe”) (64-bit)
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\* (value data: “%WINDIR%\System32\*.exe”)
  3. Exit the editor.
  4. Press Win+E.
  5. Bin the downloaded malicious file attachment.
  6. Locate and delete the .exe file (this is a random-name file "*") that is likely to be found in these folders:
    %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\*.exe
    %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\*.exe
    %USERPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\*.exe
    %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\*.exe
    %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\*.exe
    %WINDIR%\Syswow64\*.exe (64-bit)
  7. Locate and delete "!!!README!!!{unique_user_id}.rtf"
  8. Empty your Recycle Bin and restart your PC.
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