Purge Ransomware

What is Purge Ransomware?

Purge Ransomware is a threat that encrypts user’s private data after opening an infected file, which could be downloaded from malicious file-sharing web pages or Spam emails. The ones who created the malware demand their victims to contact them via powerbase@tutanota.com email address and pay the ransom in seven days. The ransom note even says that the more you wait, “the higher the payment gets.” By saying so, the cyber criminals are probably trying to scare users into paying the money. However, we advise you not to give in to this pressure. The best course of action is to read the article and learn more about the malware before deciding what to do. On the other hand, if paying the ransom is not an option to you, we advise you to erase the threat with the removal instructions below the text.testtest

Where does Purge Ransomware come from?

The malware should be spread through infected executable files. Such data could be distributed via Spam emails or malicious web pages. In any case, the fact that Purge Ransomware infected your system indicates that it is vulnerable to threats. Perhaps, you do not use antimalware tools or keep the outdated software. That is something you should figure out if you do not want to find yourself in such situation again. Also, you should be extra careful while opening email attachments or downloading files from the torrent and other untrustworthy file-sharing web pages.

How does Purge Ransomware work?

For starters, Purge Ransomware might place a malicious file called msiscan.exe in the C:\Users\user\AppData\Local directory. After that, the threat might begin the encryption process for which it could use the RSA encryption algorithm. During it, the malware should lock only personal files, such as pictures, photos, videos, and other. It means that the malicious program should not encrypt any data, which belongs to the system or other programs. Because of this, it is easier to get rid of the ransomware.

When the encryption process is over, the user should notice that each encrypted file has the “.purge” extension. Also, the malware might replace your Desktop picture and open a file called “How to restore files.hta.” The text states that the Purge Ransomware’s creators can help you decrypt locked data and in exchange, they ask for a “small fee.” However, users should not forget that these are the same cyber criminals that distributed the infection and locked their data. They might sound persuasive to convince you to pay the ransom. Unfortunately, it is possible that once the malware’s creators get the payment, you will not hear from them anymore. Thus, if you do not want to risk losing your money, we advise you to ignore these demands and eliminate the infection.

How to erase Purge Ransomware?

It might be surprising, but the removal part is not that complicated as you might have imagined it. All you have to do is locate the malicious program’s data on the computer and delete it. As we mentioned before, Purge Ransomware should place an executable file called msiscan.exe and an HTA file called “How to restore files.” To learn their exact locations, you could just slide below this text and check the removal instructions. Plus, we would also advise you to scan the PC with a legitimate security tool. The scan would show you if there are no other threats on the computer. It is important to secure the system if you want to avoid ransomware or other infections.

Delete Purge Ransomware

  1. Open the Explorer (Windows Key+E).
  2. Navigate to C:\Users\user\AppData\Local
  3. Locate a file called msiscan.exe, right-click it and select Delete.
  4. Go to your Desktop and find a file titled as “How to restore files.hta,right-click the file and press Delete.
  5. Empty the Recycle bin.
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