Private Search Plus

What is Private Search Plus?

Have you downloaded Private Search Plus thinking that it could offer beneficial services? If you have, you might have been tricked because this potentially unwanted program is not exactly reliable or useful. Although its services might appear to be attractive, it is most likely that it was created to do something else than you might think. For example, this PUP should help you browse the web more privately, but it is more likely that it was created to record information and promote third-party content. If you have already made the decision to delete Private Search Plus, you are on the right track. If you have no idea whether or not you should remove this potentially unwanted program, you need to continue reading. This article was created by malware experts working in an internal lab. The PUP was thoroughly tested, and the information in this report discusses the findings. If any questions come up while you are reading, add them to the comments section below so that our research team could assist you.testtesttest

How does Private Search Plus work?

Have you downloaded Private Search Plus via the Chrome app store? At the time of research, you could acquire it via In most cases, the installers on the Chrome app store are supported by descriptions and legal information (e.g., privacy policies), but, in this case, you only get a description, which suggests that the application can help you browse the web anonymously. The extension is only compatible with Google Chrome, and this browser has the “Incognito” search function, which, ultimately, serves in the same way that Private Search Plus should. Clearly, this extension is not useful. Another red flag is the link to This link appears in the section where the link to the homepage should be. Well, if you go to this website, you are offered an installer that promotes “GoGameGo,” which, of course, is a different extension. If you have downloaded it as well, we strongly recommend removing it because it is unreliable, and your virtual security could be jeopardized while using it. Unfortunately, both of these extensions could also be spread via bundled installers. If you have installed Private Search Plus along with third-party software, make sure you inspect it using a malware scanner to see if it is not malware that requires removal.

Once Private Search Plus is installed, a new button is attached to your Google Chrome browser. When you click it, you are introduced to a search dialog box. Allegedly, all searches conducted via this box should be anonymous. If you enter keywords, you are redirected to, where the search results that are shown are actually taken from Google and Bing search engines. The Privacy Policy supporting this search engine indicates that personal information is not collected when the user searches via this search tool, and that is good news. Nonetheless, that does not mean that should be trusted blindly. Clearly, the extension is suspicious, and it is difficult to say what intentions its creators have for it. If you want to avoid the risk of potentially interacting with an unreliable tool, we suggest uninstalling and deleting everything that raises suspicion. If you do not think that is an unreliable search tool and that Private Search Plus is an unreliable extension, think about the usefulness of this software. As mentioned before, Chrome offers private browsing via its “Incognito” function, and you can browse the web using Google and Bing search engines without a suspicious mediator.

How to delete Private Search Plus

Private Search Plus is a potentially unwanted program that does not offer beneficial services and that is introduced to potential users in a very suspicious manner. Due to this, our research team advises removing this PUP without further hesitation. Although you can get rid of this add-on via the Extensions menu on Chrome, we advise resetting your browser just in case unreliable tracking tools are installed along with it. If you choose to eliminate the add-on manually, do not forget to perform a full system scan afterward to check if your operating system is clean. If you have downloaded the PUP bundled with third-party programs, the chances are that the scanner will find other threats that require removal. If you are unable to erase them yourself, do not waste any time, and install a trusted anti-malware application.

Removal Instructions

  1. Open Google Chrome and tap Alt+F.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click Show advanced settings (at the bottom).
  4. Click Reset settings (at the bottom).
  5. Finally, click Reset. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Private Search Plus*


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