Pr0tector Ransomware

What is Pr0tector Ransomware?

Pr0tector Ransomware is a threat that might enter the system and encipher all important data without you even realizing it. The malicious application could target files like photographs, pictures, archives, videos, different types of documents, etc. Thus, by the time the malware finishes its work the user might be unable to access any of his private files. By enciphering your data, the cyber criminals take it as a hostage so they could try to extort money from you. At this point, we would like to warn you that paying the ransom might be hazardous, as there are no reassurances these hackers will provide you with the decryption tools. In other words, if you make the transfer there is a chance the invested money might be lost in vain. Instead of making any rash decisions, we advise reading the rest of our report to find out more about Pr0tector Ransomware. If in the end, you choose to refuse the malware’s creators, we offer the deletion instructions placed below.

Where does Pr0tector Ransomware come from?

Pr0tector Ransomware might enter the system while visiting malicious web pages or downloading questionable files, e.g. attachments from Spam emails, unreliable installers from file-sharing sites, etc. Either way, the malware’s appearance could mean your computer is not protected enough. Therefore, it would be advisable to avoid visiting potentially dangerous web pages. Additionally, users could strengthen their system with a reliable security tool. With such software, you could check the suspicious files before opening them and so protect the computer from potential threats.

How does Pr0tector Ransomware work?

Our researchers at say the malicious program might mark the files it enciphers with an additional . pr0tect extension, e.g., picture.jpg.pr0tect, text.docx.pr0tect, and so on. What’s more, when all of the targeted data is encrypted, Pr0tector Ransomware should create a text file containing a warning from the threat’s creators. It does not contain any accurate instructions on how the user could pay the ransom and obtain the decryption tool as it simply asks to contact the cyber criminals by writing an email to or

If you decide to contact the malware’s creators they might write you back and demand you to pay for the decryption tool. It is possible the price for it could be different to each user. However, even if it looks small, we would still advise against paying it since you cannot be one hundred percent sure the cyber criminals will bother to send the tool after they receive the payment. Instead of gambling with your money, you could search for copies on removable media devices or other storage to restore at least some of the enciphered files, just make sure you erase the malicious application before transferring the copies. To protect data in the future, we would advise users to do regular system backups.

How to get rid of Pr0tector Ransomware?

The threat could be removed manually if you manage to locate the malicious file you had opened before the system got infected. This file should be immediately erased as it is shown in the instructions placed a little below this paragraph. For inexperienced users it might be easier to get a legitimate antimalware tool and perform a system scan; while scanning the computer, the software should identify data belonging to Pr0tector Ransomware automatically, so all you would have to do is click the provided removal button. Should you need more help with the malware’s deletion, do not forget you can write us via social media or create a comment below the text.

Eliminate Pr0tector Ransomware

  1. Press Win+E to launch the Explorer.
  2. Navigate to the following locations:
  3. Find the malicious file you could have launched before the system got infected.
  4. Right-click the doubtful file and select Delete.
  5. Exit the File Explorer.
  6. Empty your Recycle bin.
  7. Restart the computer.
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