Plain Savings

What is Plain Savings?

Plain Savings is an annoying application that should be deleted from your computer at once. Do not trust a single thing it says! Plain Savings is just an adware program designed to generate financial profit for its creators via the pay-per-click system. Although this application is not an explicit computer security threat, any user who is at all concerned about her computer’s safety will have Plain Savings removed without hesitation. Adware programs are often related to malware distribution schemes, so you will do yourself a favor by nipping this problem in the bud.test 100% FREE spyware scan and
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Where does Plain Savings come from?

Plain Savings belongs to the SuperWeb family, a group that encompasses an enormous number of adware applications, including such recent security issues as Triple Pose, Sad Cloud, Spice Nice, Wooden Seal, and many others. Plain Savings behaves just like its predecessors, and it also employs the same distribution method.

This application does have an official homepage at, but it is more than obvious that this website is not part of the distribution network. The download button provided at the site does not work, and, in addition, you cannot find anything reliable about Plain Savings. Because of that we can confidently tell you that Plain Savings spreads in software bundles, and users usually initiate the adware download themselves without even realizing it.

If you often download freeware from file hosting websites, or if you visit web pages that are full of random pop-ups offering to scan your computer with an online antimalware scanner, you should know better than to click any flashy buttons on those sites. It is very likely that Plain Savings arrived at your computer through those kinds of web pages, so you need to exercise caution whenever you access unfamiliar websites.

What does Plain Savings do?

Judging from its website, Plain Savings is supposed to help you save money and improve your web search. Such a dichotomy is highly puzzling, especially as the application can do neither. What it really does is track your web browsing habits in order to create your online profile. This profile is then used to generate a flow of customized commercial advertisements that appear whenever you access popular online shopping sites.

Since Plain Savings ads are customized to increase the probability of your clicking on them -- but that is definitely something you should not do. Plain Savings may distribute unreliable content, and clicking unfamiliar outgoing links can redirect you to malware-related websites. If you want to avoid severe computer infections, you should get rid of all the potentially unwanted applications in advance.

How do I remove Plain Savings?

Start with Plain Savings and remove this application manually. Since you are bound to have more unwanted programs on your computer, delete them all as well. If you do not know which programs are supposed to be terminated, scan your computer with the SpyHunter free scanner to get a full list of potential threats.

Manual Plain Savings Removal

Windows 8 & Windows 8.1

  1. Slide the mouse cursor to the bottom right corner of your screen.
  2. Click Settings on the Charm bar and go to Control Panel.
  3. Open Uninstall a program and remove Plain Savings.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Click the Start menu and go to Control Panel.
  2. Access Uninstall a program and remove Plain Savings.

Windows XP

  1. Open the Start menu and click Control Panel.
  2. Select Add or remove programs and uninstall Plain Savings. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Plain Savings*

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