Nscpucnminer32.exe Monero Miner

What is Nscpucnminer32.exe Monero Miner?

Nscpucnminer32.exe Monero Miner is one malicious application that can cause you some serious problems and you ought to remove it as soon as possible. This program falls into the category of Trojans due to its malicious distribution method and due to the way it is set to spread to all of the drives on your PC. Nevertheless, its primary objective is to utilize your computer’s processing power to mine the Monero digital currency. For more information, please read this whole article.

Where does Nscpucnminer32.exe Monero Miner come from?

We o not know where Nscpucnminer32.exe Monero Miner originally came from, but our researchers have found that it is distributed using various methods. The most notable one is its ability to infect mapped network drives of an infected computer and then hack websites and FTP sites hosted on them. Researchers say that its dropper file named Photo.scr in injected into the infected website and is set to secretly infect computers when their users enter the site. Furthermore, this file will scan the Internet for FTP servers and attempt to enter them. If successful, then it will embed itself into them and copy itself to and hack all sites it will come into contact with. This Trojan will also check whether the FTP servers have certain files on them (.php, .htm, .xml, .dhtm, .phtm, .xht, .htx, .mht, .bml, .asp, and .shtm) and modify them to include the iframe that points to Photo.scr. So there is no denying that this application is disseminated in a malicious manner and can infect your computer secretly. Now let us take a look at what it can do on it if the infection is successful.

What does Nscpucnminer32.exe Monero Miner do?

To clarify, this malicious application’s executable is not Photo.scr, but is dropped by it. Our researchers say that Photo.scr is set to copy itself to all drives on the infected computer and drop Nscpucnminer32.exe to the %Temp% folder and automatically run it automatically. Once Nscpucnminer32.exe is launched, it will use all available processing power of your computer’s CPU to mine the Monero cryptocurrency.

As a result, your computer will become much slower and prone to crashing. Furthermore, the processor will generate considerably more heat since the CPU will be utilized at 100 % on hours on end, the heat will have an impact on the CPUs lifespan or even be the cause of its failure. Even though the extra heat is not that much of a threat, especially if you have an aftermarket cooler installed on the CPU, it can still have a negative impact on it.

Of particular note, Photo.scr is set to launch on system startup up automatically and then execute Nscpucnminer32.exe. As mentioned, Photo.scr is set to infect all of the internal and network storage drives, so there is no answer where to look for it. However, our researchers have determined that Nscpucnminer32.exe is dropped on the primary system drive of a computer in the %APPDATA%, %APPDATA%\Images, and %TEMP% folders. Furthermore, Photo.scr will place a registry string at HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run called NsMiner that will run it on each system startup.

Security researchers say that this malicious application is very profitable for its developers. The information we have received indicates that this Trojan has already generated more than 58,000 Monero coins which is an approximate 640,000 USD. Therefore, it is unlikely that this application is going to go away any time soon and will continue to infect new computers to get them to mine as much Monero coins as possible. Since this application only serves to slow down your computer and make it barely usable, we recommend that you get rid of it.

How do I remove Nscpucnminer32.exe Monero Miner?

As you can see, Nscpucnminer32.exe Monero Miner is one malicious application that can compromise your computer’s security and use its CPU to generate cryptocoins. If you want to remove it, then we suggest referring to the removal guide presented below. However, since locating Photo.scr can prove to be a challenge, we suggest using an antimalware tool such as SpyHunter to find and delete it for you.

Manual Removal Instructions

  1. Find and delete all copies of Photo.scr
  2. Press Windows+E keys and type %APPDATA% in the address box and hit Enter.
  3. Find and delete NsCpuCNMiner
  4. Enter %APPDATA%\Images
  5. Find and delete CNminer.exe
  6. Then, enter %TEMP%
  7. Find and delete NsCpuCNMiner.exe
  8. Close the File Explorer.
  9. Empty the Recycle Bin.
  10. Press Windows+R keys.
  11. Type regedit in the box and hit Enter.
  12. Go to HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  13. Find NsMiner and delete it.
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