My Privacy Search Extension

What is My Privacy Search Extension?

My Privacy Search Extension is a potentially unwanted application that may change your browser’s settings without your permission. As a result, you may face various security issues that could slow down your computer and even expose you to potentially malicious content. To protect your system and your personal information from potential exploitation, you should remove My Privacy Search Extension from your computer immediately. It is not complicated to delete this application manually, but if you do not feel confident about it, you can always rely on a licensed antispyware tool that will terminate unwanted applications and protect your computer from harm.

Where does My Privacy Search Extension come from?

We have discussed this program before, actually. In the previously released description, we used the keyword, but the truth is that both keywords point out the same application. It is just that the extension comes with several features, and all of them could be discussed separately.

While the program has an official homepage, we doubt that users added the extension to their browser when they stumble upon that website. What’s more, My Privacy Search Extension also can be found on the Chrome Web Store, thus making it seem that it is a legitimate program.

It is true that this extension is not a malicious computer infection, but it has several features that make us doubt it is useful or reliable. For instance, it could be distributed in software bundles, and this fact alone makes use think there is something off about it. What’s more, if this application really came bundled with freeware, there is a very good chance that you have multiple unwanted applications on-board. It is about time you run a full system scan with the SpyHunter free scanner to find out just how affected your system is.

What does My Privacy Search Extension do?

Since the application is a browser extension, you can always find it in the list of the plug-ins added to your browser. It will not be on the list of installed programs in Control Panel. What’s more, the application is compatible only with Chrome, so it will only cause you problems if you use this browser.

Sometimes the extension might also be considered a hijacker because of its behavior. The moment this program is added to your browser, it changes your browser’s settings by adding as your default search engine and modifying your new tab settings. Although you do not really have to use this search engine for your searches, it is very likely that most of your web queries will be redirected through it either way. What’s more, we can also see that My Privacy Search Extension cannot provide you with an original search service because it uses a custom version of the Yahoo! Search engine. Does it mean that Yahoo! Search is associated with this extension? Absolutely not. Most of the browser hijackers, adware applications, and other suspicious applications make use of popular search engines to make it seem as though they can provide reliable search services.

On the contrary, the search results delivered by this extension could be rigged. That is not to say the application wants to rip you off or infect you with malware. But the problem is that such programs are very vulnerable to third-party exploitations, and it is only a matter of time until My Privacy Search Extension gets misused by malevolent third parties.

If that happens, you could be only one click away from a malicious infection, and then it would be really hard to protect your personal information from cyber criminals.

How do I remove My Privacy Search Extension?

Keeping all the potential threats in mind, it is about time you remove My Privacy Search Extension from your system. It is not hard to terminate the extension because all you have to do is delete it from your browser’s settings menu.

As for other unwanted applications, you should be able to uninstall them via Control Panel. If you do not know which programs have to be removed, make use of a powerful antispyware scanner. Do all you can to protect your computer from malevolent exploitation, and make sure such obnoxious programs do not enter your system again.

Manual My Privacy Search Extension Removal

  1. Open your Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and go to More tools.
  3. Click Extensions and delete the extension. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of My Privacy Search Extension*

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