What is can appear in your Google Chrome browser after you click on a suspicious third-party advertisement and you install a software bundle. Based on its behavior our malware researchers have labeled this malware infection as a browser hijacker. This browser extension offers you a few quick links to online movie-related and social networking sites apart from the main feature that is an unreliable search engine. Leaving this infection in your browser would be a mistake since it can put your system security at risk with the content it may introduce you to; not to mention the possibility that other malware programs have also slipped onto your system along with this hijacker. Right now your computer could be quite vulnerable thanks to all these threats. This is why it is important that you remove from your browser and all related and unrelated infections from your system as well if you want to use a safe computer. If you want to learn about the details, please continue reading.testtesttest

Where does come from?

Just like in the case of most other browser hijackers, it is most likely that you infect your system with after you click on an unsafe third-party commercial, and either install this hijacker directly or download it in a freeware bundle. This software package however could hold a number of other threats, such as potentially unwanted programs, browser hijackers as well as adware applications. Letting such infections onto your system can expose you and your computer to unsafe web content and cyber criminals. This could lead to more infections or online scams that may end up with you losing money. This is why it is essential for you to know how you can drop such a bomb onto your machine.

One possible way is that there is an adware program on your computer and that displays an unreliable third-party advertisement that drops a malicious software package onto your computer or simply installs this hijacker right away. Another possibility for you to click on such ads is to land on suspicious file-sharing, gaming, and porn websites. As you may have noticed, these pages are full of annoying, flashy, and unsafe ads. Clicking on any of these could also result in your downloading a bundle filled with malware threats. If you do not know how this infection has infiltrated your system, we suggest that you run a full-system malware scan to identify all potentially harmful programs after you delete from your browser.

You might also install this useless extension through its official webpage, This page redirects you to the Chrome web store ( where you can directly install it. But this seems a less likely way since only a few thousand users have installed this tool through the web store. We also need to mention that just because you can find this and other applications in this store, it does not mean that they are all reliable and useful. Even though Chrome is reputable and reliable, its store could host potentially harmful extensions until they are weeded out based on user reports or other ways.

How does work?

This browser hijacker is just another money maker for schemers. You should never use it to search the web, but we also do not advise you to click on any other content it offers, including the easy-access thumbnails that lead to online movie-related and other popular sites. Since it is possible that this infection can manipulate the third-party ads on these linked sites, you could be at risk by engaging with them. However, the biggest threat comes from using the search engine. This hijacker can use the search results page to show you potentially unreliable third-party content, including advertisements and links. Here is what the Privacy Policy reveals about such content:

The Content may be in the form of apps, buttons, gadgets, links to third party advertisements, websites, products and services (including search services) as well as additional means that are provided to you by third parties… the Company provides such third parties with a large number of tools to enable them to create interesting and unique apps, buttons, and gadgets using the Company's platform…

Unfortunately, this can also mean that these third parties can access both non-personally identifiable and personally identifiable information about you. In other words, if cyber criminals pose as third parties, they can send relevant-looking ads and links to your screen through this browser hijacker so when you click on them, you could be taken to malicious websites. If you do not want to lose your money or your identity to criminals, you should not hesitate to remove immediately.

How do I delete

It is really not too complicated to erase this infection without a trace. All you need to do is remove the extension in Google Chrome. Please follow our guide below if you are not sure how to do this. Do not forget that this may not be the end of your war on malware infections. It is quite likely that you will find several more threats on board. Although you could try to detect them manually if you are an advanced computer user, we believe that the best and most effective protection is provided by security tools, such as SpyHunter. If you care about your virtual security, you should think about installing a reliable anti-malware application of your choice.

Remove from browser

Google Chrome

  1. Tap Alt+F and select Settings.
  2. Choose Extensions.
  3. Click on the extension and click on the trash can on the right.
  4. Click Remove.
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