What is Mediaplex?

Mediaplex is a tracking cookie which is used to monitor your browsing habits. When this cookie is installed, whenever you go to a website, your Internet activity is logged and by looking at Mediaplex’s log file, it is possible to tell which pages you are visiting, how often you do it and in what sequence. The data on the websites you are visiting is not the only information Mediaplex can collect.

Whatever it gathers later on Mediaplex sends out to a remote server. This way your information and internet browsing habits can be analyzed for marketing reasons, and whenever you visit some website, the commercial advertisements are configured according to what you are visiting. Mediaplex is dangerous firstly, because it can record any data, including sensitive information (like passwords) from your computer. Secondly, this data may be retrieved when a trojan or hackers get access to Your computer, or Mediaplex servers.

These facts should be enough to convince that using Mediaplex is dangerous for Your privacy.

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  1. Is the media plex cookie something that is downloaded on purpose in order to track someone's internet use or is it just a random cookie that attaches itself somewhere? Just trying to see if someone downloaded something onto my computer.

  2. how much does it cost?

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