What is is known to be a browser hijacker because it usually replaces homepages and search engines without a user’s permission. Some users notice that immediately and some do not. There are also users who decide to keep because it looks like a decent search provider and it really allows users to search for the information. It does not matter that seems to be a decent search provider because you should still delete it and never judge the trustworthiness of a search engine from its appearance ever again. Specialists do not recommend that you keep for one main reason – it might provide you with sponsored search results and thus might expose you to potential threats. We do not think that you want to cause harm to your system, so we have prepared the instructions. Feel free to use them after you read through this article from beginning to end.test

How does act?

We do not think that is a really trustworthy search engine because it might provide users with modified search results. If you wonder what “modified search results” mean, you should know that they are simply filled up with untrustworthy third-party ads and sponsored links. It will not be easy to recognize them, so there is a very huge possibility that you will click on any of those ads and links eventually. Specialists say that this is a straight way to malware because you will be taken to other unknown websites that might contain hundreds of malicious applications. They might enter your system after you click on a single link on such a website, download software, or simply surf the website. Researchers working at have also noticed that search engine might perform other suspicious activities, for example, it might start tracking you. It has been noticed that is interested in the technical information and your browsing habits. It seems that it is not going to touch your personal information; however, our specialists still say that you have to be cautious.

It might not be enough to delete browser hijacker to make it clean because this threat often travels bundled with other undesirable programs and it is likely that they have been installed on your system. Of course, you have to find out whether it is true first. You can do that by scanning the system with the SpyHunter diagnostic scanner that can be downloaded by clicking on the Download button which you will find below. It will provide you with the information about all the threats existing on your system. It is up to you how to erase them – the most important thing is that they will be gone.

How to get rid of

As is a browser hijacker, we do not think that you will be able to remove it via Control Panel. Do not worry; it is still possible to get rid of it manually. We have even provided you with the manual removal instructions to help you do that. Of course, nobody says that you cannot delete automatically too. In order to successfully implement the automatic removal, you have to acquire a trustworthy tool and then simply scan the system with it. removal instructions

Internet Explorer

  1. Open your browser and tap Alt+T.
  2. Select Internet Options and open the Advanced tab.
  3. Click Reset and put a tick in the box next to Delete personal settings.
  4. Click Reset once again.

Google Chrome

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Tap Alt+F.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Click Show advanced settings.
  5. Select Reset settings and click the Reset button.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Tap Alt+H to access the Help menu.
  3. Click Troubleshooting information.
  4. Click Refresh Firefox.
  5. Click on this button once again.
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