What is JS/Nemucod.L?

JS/Nemucod.L is a Trojan infection that slithers into your computer surreptitiously. Most of the time, users are not aware of the fact that they are infected with JS/Nemucod.L until it is too late to do anything about it. This Trojan can download more malware onto your system, so you need to remove JS/Nemucod.L as soon as possible. The best way to detect this infection early on is to run regular system scans with reliable antispyware applications. Don’t forget that malware infections usually travel in packs, and JS/Nemucod.L might be just one of the many malicious programs currently running on your system.

Where does JS/Nemucod.L come from?

It is possible to get infected with JS/Nemucod.L when you click a pop-up ad on an unfamiliar website. Trojans might also be distributed through spam email messages and their attachments, so the best way to avoid JS/Nemucod.L and similar infections is to stay away from unfamiliar email messages and steer clear of unreliable websites. If a website has multiple pop-ups and offers you various services for free, you should think twice before clicking anything. Therefore, investing in a licensed antispyware tool and exercising safe web browsing habits are the most efficient ways that prevent JS/Nemucod.L and other Trojans from entering your system.

What does JS/Nemucod.L do?

This infection is a Trojan downloader so it can perform a lot of tasks, depending on what the hacker behind it wants it to do. Upon the infection, it creates .exe files in the Temporary file directory. These files are 1246549.exe and 2865241.exe. When the application is up and running, JS/Nemucod.L will connect to a remote host at davis1.ru through the port 80 in order to download its configuration data and even more malware onto your computer.

Computer security specialists say that JS/Nemucod.L is known to download and install password stealer Win32/Fareit and ransomware Trojan Win32/Crowti.A. Thus, from this we can see that JS/Nemucod.L is a complimentary part of many other infections that can severely damage your computer.

If you do not remove JS/Nemucod.L at once, the infection will even upload information collected from your PC to a remote server for the hackers to use. To put it simply, this Trojan is highly intrusive and if you do not take care of it right now, sooner rather than later you can experience an ultimate system crash.

How do I remove JS/Nemucod.L?

Unfortunately, unless you are an experienced computer user, manual JS/Nemucod.L removal is not an option. To delete JS/Nemucod.L for good, you should resort to using an automated computer security tool that would terminate all the infections’ files and check for other potential threats that could be residing in your system. Furthermore, a computer security tool of your choice will help you keep your system safe in the future. Do not underestimate cyber criminals because malware just keeps on evolving!

On the other hand, you can try removing the main directory of JS/Nemucod.L, that is located in the local AppData directory. That does not guarantee that the infection will disappear for good though, so (just as mentioned above) you should scan your computer with a licensed antispyware tool to delete JS/Nemucod.L for good.

Delete JS/Nemucod.L Directory

  1. Press the Start button.
  2. Type %LocalAppdata% into the Search box and press Enter.
  3. When the directory loads, find a folder or a file with a random name.
  4. Delete the folder or the file. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of JS/Nemucod.L*

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