JokeVault New Tab

What is JokeVault New Tab?

JokeVault New Tab might seem like a perfect extension for users who enjoy jokes from time to time, but we rush to inform you that the application might be more troublesome than it appears to be. Apparently the software falls under the classification of potentially unwanted program (PUPs), although it has qualities of a browser hijacker, e.g. it could change the new tab page, homepage or search engine on your browser. If you installed the extension by accident, you should not hesitate and delete it from your system. The application might be not as harmful as viruses or Trojans, but it can promote third-party sites that could contain such malware. It is possible due to the extension’s working manner, but we will explain it in more detail further in the article.testtest

Where does JokeVault New Tab come from?

Do you recall installing the extension? If not, then maybe you received it with bundled freeware that you downloaded from an untrustworthy file-sharing website. Although bundled software is usually visible in the setup wizard, it might be presented in a manner that looks confusing to the user. On the other hand, you could have overlooked the JokeVault New Tab suggestion, if you do not read the given terms on the installation wizard. Another possibility is that you might have an adware application on your system that promotes browser hijackers, PUPs, other adware, and so on. Perhaps you saw an ad with the extension, clicked on it and got redirected to that has the application’s installer. Under these circumstances, you should not only delete the PUP but erase the adware or other possible threats from your computer.

How does JokeVault New Tab work?

Once the extension settles in your browser, it could modify a few default preferences, but most likely it will change the new tab page settings. Consequently, when you open new tabs, you should see The Joke Vault search engine. Even though it says that Google powers the search engine, the results could be unreliable because they are modified. It means that the PUP places various third-party ads, sponsored links, and other suspicious content with the results. Such advertising could be targeted, so it might look tempting for you to click the ads, but firstly you should consider possible risks and outcomes.

Interacting with third-party content might be dangerous in a few ways. As we said earlier, the ads could redirect you to third-party sites that might contain malicious software, e.g. worms, viruses, and many others. Also, some of the web pages could gather user information, including your sensitive data. For example, the website could offer you some coupons, freebies or something else in exchange for your private information like email address, telephone number, etc. In this case, you should read the site’s Privacy Policy, but it is always better to avoid third-party content.

How to remove JokeVault New Tab?

Our researchers at noticed that the extension works only on the Google Chrome browser for now. However, the software’s End User License Agreement document mentions other browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and so on. Therefore, there is a chance that the PUP could place The Joker Vault extension on other browsers too. That is why the instructions below will tell you not only how to remove the extension from Google Chrome, but also from the other two major browsers. If you are searching for an automatic removal option, we should mention that the PUP could be erased with a reliable antimalware tool, once you complete its installation. Feel free to leave us a comment below, if you have some other questions about the PUP.

Remove JokeVault New Tab from browsers

Google Chrome

  1. Launch the browser and press ALT+F.
  2. Select Settings, click on More tools and pick Extensions.
  3. Locate The Joke Vault extension.
  4. Press the trash bin button next to it.
  5. Select Remove.

Internet Explorer

  1. Press ALT+X.
  2. Click Manage add-ons.
  3. Select Toolbars and extensions.
  4. Find the unwanted extension and delete it.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Press CTRL+SHIFT+A.
  2. Select Extensions.
  3. Mark the application and click Remove.
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