What is can be considered a browser hijacker because it redirects users to unfamiliar and potentially harmful websites. This program does not look like a dangerous infection, but it could be the cause of many computer security issues, so users should not take this intruder lightly. Luckily, it is not complicated to remove from the affected computer. In fact, you can do it right now by following the instructions you will find below this description. When you are done with that, please invest in a computer security tool that would safeguard your system from similar threats. Your computer’s safety should be one of your top priorities.testtest

Where does come from?

We are a little bit surer about the origins of this infection, rather than its distribution method. The problem with such browser hijackers is that they do not have a centralized distribution system. Rather, they rely on a scattered network of file-sharing websites, third-party advertising networks, and other suspicious pages that often indulge in freeware distribution and even malware delivery.

The chances are that you installed accidentally when you downloaded some freeware application. Freeware apps often come in third-party installers, and these installers tend to bundle several applications together. Some of those apps might be potentially unwanted and even harmful, so it is important that you remain vigilant whenever you are about to install new software on your computer.

Of course, could also be distributed via pop-up ads and other annoying tools that users encounter on the Internet. If you have been constantly bombarded with random ads before this hijacker appeared on your system, it is very likely that you already had a few unwanted applications on-board. And when you have one potential threat, it takes very little for another to arrive. These programs usually travel in packs.

What’s more, we can tell that is part of a big browser hijacker family because it is a direct clone of,, All these domains redirect users to From this, it would be possible to say that the programs are used by someone to increase web traffic, and that eventually translates into earning more money. Our researchers also say that the creator of the website in question seems to be Vladik Altshuler, who is also known to own Valtmedia. Now, whether Valtmedia is directly associated with these computer threats, it is still for the further research to prove.

What does do?

This program is compatible only with the Chrome browser, but even if you use some other browser, it does not mean you should ignore this program if it enters your computer. Some of its files could still be dropped in your system, and you should not tolerate that. can also work on several operating systems, including various versions of Windows, OsX, and Chromebooks. This way, the program covers a pretty wide range of potential victims. What’s more, we know that most visits to this website are from France, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea. It would imply that users in these countries are the most susceptible to this infection, but, as we all know, national borders do not exist for computer security threats.

The program will redirect users to the Chinimplants website when they click legitimate links on a number of websites. Therefore, even if you open reliable websites, with on your computer, you could get redirected to this potentially harmful page.

It does not matter whether wants to infect you with malware or not. The sole fact of redirection should be enough to convince users that this program should be taken seriously. After all, any kind of intrusion into your online activity spells danger.

How do I remove

You can get rid of this potential threat by resetting your Chrome browser to default. Of course, it may not be enough to terminate every single undesirable file, so it would also be a good idea to run a full system scan with a professional antispyware tool.

Let us not forget that might have entered your system with other suspicious programs. Therefore, the best way to ensure your system is clean and safe, is to rely on a licensed security application.

Manual Removal

  1. Launch your Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and select Settings.
  3. Click Show advanced settings at the bottom of the page.
  4. Scroll down and click the Reset settings button.
  5. Click Reset on the confirmation box.
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