What is Infoaxe?

Infoaxe or Flipora Hijacker is a suspicious computer application which may initiate the unauthorized changes within your Internet Explorer browser. Some researchers recognize the threat as Spyware.Infoaxe, and the main task for it is to take over your browser and initiate the activity of a malicious browser helper object (BHO). The program may monitor your online activity and send the collected information to a remote server. Of course, this activity is performed without your knowledge and notice, which is why you may miss the necessary removal of the browser hijacker. Regardless, you definitely need to delete Infoaxe from the operating Windows system. Please continue reading to learn more about the hijacker and its removal.

How does Infoaxe act?

Even though Infoaxe is not a common name for the browser hijacker, you may recognize it from random redirecting to Without a doubt, you are more likely to focus on, as this search engine will appear on your screen as soon as you launch Internet Explorer. In case you have downloaded programs from, you must have been informed about the changes regarding your search provider and home page. Of course, in some cases the browser plugin may install without your knowledge. According to researchers, this suggests that you should remove Infoaxe.test

Some of the malignant components related to the suspicious hijacker include infoaxe2.exe (%USERPROFILE%) and wh_update.exe (%PROGRAMFILES%). Without a doubt, you need to be more cautious about the cloaked component updater.exe which can hijack IM channels and activate mass spam email attacks, and ietb.dll which is a BHO within the Internet Explorer. Without a doubt, it would be best to remove these components from the operating Windows system. All in all, it is most important that you do not submit your email address to Flipora or these files will ensure that everyone on your contact list will be flooded with spam. And here is what is stated within the privacy policy statement:

We may collect personal information, including email addresses, when individuals register to use the Flipora website and services, post a link to the Flipora website or submit questions, comments or bug reports. We may also, at times, collect our users' IP addresses and information regarding our users' use of our website and services.

How to remove Infoaxe?

If you do not want suspicious programs interfering with secure web browsing, experts recommend that you delete the browser hijacker at once. The task is not simple primarily because illegal activity has been linked to it, meaning that there is a great change that malignant threats are running on the PC. Of course, you should utilize an automatic spyware detection and removal tool to delete Infoaxe, and we recommend using SpyHunter. Once the tool removes the threat and ensures full-time Windows protection, you should fix your Internet Explorer settings. You can perform this task manually.

Modify Internet Explorer settings

  1. Launch a browser and simultaneously tap Alt+T.
  2. Click Manage Add-ons and from the menu on the left select Toolbars and Extensions.
  3. Disable all of the unwanted or unfamiliar add-ons.
  4. From the same menu select Search Providers.
  5. Remove the undesirable options and click Close.
  6. Once more tap Alt+T and select Internet Options.
  7. Click the General tab and navigate to Home Page.
  8. Overwrite/remove the provided URL and click OK.

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