ILivid Toolbar

What is ILivid Toolbar?

Even though ILivid Toolbar is an authentic product, AntiSpyware101 malware research team does not recommend using it within your Internet browser. The program can be installed into a computer through a direct download from the official website Nonetheless, it has been found out that bundled downloads may be used to trick computer users into installing the unnecessary and potentially dangerous browser‘s add-on. After a successful integration, the toolbar can modify your browser settings, change the home page and initiate browser redirection. It is clear that the application can create serious troubles running your browser and searching the web, which is why you should have the ILivid Toolbar removed from the PC instantaneously.

The running of the ILivid Toolbar is based on browser helper objects, which can collect highly personal information, starting from what you like, which websites are our favorites, what is your search history and ending with potential login data theft. Even though this sounds tremendously risky and illegal, many online websites track your activities so that you could be offered better browsing experience. Additionally, this information can also help to provide such online advertisements that are interesting to you. This is where the danger comes in, as cyber criminals could easily produced fictitious advertisements. If you clicked on any of these bogus ads, it is possible that you would be initiating malware downloads or would spend your money on things and software that does not exist or does not meet the advantages stated in the advertisement. Therefore, if ILivid Toolbar is installed within your browser, you should not trust online ads and terminate your browsing operations until the toolbar is removed.

Even once you decide to delete ILivid Toolbar you are likely to face problems. It has been noticed that this add-on circumvents the removal via the Control Panel and may regenerate even once the removal seems to be finalized. Automatic removal tools are extremely helpful in this situation, especially since they can also delete other surreptitiously running malware. However, if you want to remove ILivid Toolbar manually, you should start by disabling the program within your browsers. Here are the instructions on how to remove the unwanted add-on from your Internet Explorer:

1. Expand the Tools menu and choose Manage Add-ons.
2. Go to the Toolbars and Extensions.
3. Remove listed applications that are linked to the ILivid Toolbar.
4. Now, go to the Search Providers and select your new home page.

If you have any more questions regarding ILivid Toolbar removal or you have suggestions, feel free to post a comment below.

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