HiDef Media Player

What is HiDef Media Player?

HiDef Media Player advertises itself as a free media player that has hundreds of built-in codecs for playing all kinds of media files. The player itself works on Windows OS only, and many users download and install this piece of software themselves because they believe that they will be able to open all kinds of files, even those that are slightly damaged. We do not say that people cannot use HiDef Media Player; however, they should still know that this software is a typical potentially unwanted application (PUP). In other words, there are several suspicious facts noticed about it. We will provide more information about this media player further in this article. Below the article you will also find the manual removal instructions. Use them in case you decide not to keep HiDef Media Player on board after reading through this article.testtest

How does HiDef Media Player work?

HiDef Media Player is a clone of VideoLAN (VLC) player which is a good and very popular media player available for download on the web. As HiDef Media Player is so similar to it, we believe that it would be better to use the original VideoLAN (VLC) player, especially if you have detected HiDef Media Player on your computer and cannot even understand how it has slithered onto your system. Are you sure that the player you see on your screen is HiDef Media Player? If not, you should go to C:\Program Files\ and try to find its main directory HiDefMedia. This directory should contain such files as hidefmedia-cache-gen.exe, axvlc.dll, libinti-8.dll, and libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll. Have you detected these files? If so, we are sure that you have HiDef Media Player installed on the system. It is up to you what to do with it, but we suggest that you do not use a player which is not considered to be a PUP.

Specialists who have tested HiDef Media Player have also observed that this program adds the scheduled task to Windows Task Scheduler in order to be able to launch at particular times. In addition, HiDef Media Player adds itself as a Windows Firewall exception in order to be able to connect to the Internet without any difficulties. Moreover, it has been observed that the majority of users who have HiDef Media Player on board use Windows 7 and Windows 8, and the majority of people are located in the United States. If you are one of those users, you can delete HiDef Media Player and start using another media player. In other words, delete HiDef Media Player without mercy and download another reputable player instead of it.

There is one main reason why HiDef Media Player is often considered a potentially unwanted application. Security specialists have observed that this piece of software usually comes bundled in AirInstaller bundles. Users tend to download these bundles from the web themselves. This usually happens after they click on the pop-up claiming that a Flash Player or Media Player installed on PC has to be updated. Users who tend to download programs from third-party web pages, e.g. file-sharing websites might initiate the download and installation of HiDef Media Player too. Last but not least, it was possible to download HiDef Media Player from its official website hidefplayer.com in the past; however, this web page is not working anymore at the time of writing. Believe us, other potentially unwanted programs use the same distribution methods, which means that there is a slight possibility to encounter a PUP once again. You can, of course, protect your system by installing a security tool on the computer.

How to get rid of HiDef Media Player?

HiDef Media Player is just a potentially unwanted program, so you can delete it via Control Panel. We know that not all the users are experienced enough, so we have prepared and placed the manual removal instructions for them below this article. Feel free to use them, but do not forget that they will not help you to eliminate other existing infections. We suggest that you scan your PC with SpyHunter not only after you get rid of HiDef Media Player, but also if you cannot remove this piece of software yourself for any reasons.

HiDef Media Player removal guide

  1. Open Explorer (Windows key+E).
  2. Enter C:\Program Files\HiDefMedia\HiDefMedia\ in the address bar and tap Enter.
  3. Locate the uninstall.exe file and double-click on it.
  4. Remove HiDef Media Player from your system.
  5. Scan your system with an automatic tool (e.g. SpyHunter) to make sure that your system is clean.
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Stop these HiDef Media Player Processes:


Remove these HiDef Media Player Files:


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