Fucked Ransomware

What is Fucked Ransomware?

Fucked Ransomware is a ransomware infection named after the extension it appends to files after encrypting files stored on systems it affects. Although it is known to be a ransomware infection which locks files without the possibility of getting them back easily, specialists say that it should not cause problems to many users because it has originally been developed for testing purposes and it is not actively spread. Because of this, researchers working at anti-spyware-101.com believe that there should not be many victims of this computer infection. Of course, theoretically, bad people might start spreading it in the future with the intention of getting easy money too. If it ever happens that this ransomware infection shows up on your computer, delete it as soon as possible. The version of Fucked Ransomware our specialists have tested do not even leave a ransom note, i.e. it does not demand a ransom, and users cannot get a key for unlocking their files even if they are ready to spend money on it. If you are reading this article after some time because an updated version of Fucked Ransomware which demands money and leaves a ransom note on Desktop has slithered onto your computer, we have the same piece of advice for you – delete it and do not even think about sending money to cyber criminals. According to specialists, it is the worst thing victims of this ransomware infection can do.testtesttest

What does Fucked Ransomware do?

You will not even notice if Fucked Ransomware ever successfully enters your computer, but it will surely not take long to realize that it is inside your system. You will discover soon after its infiltration that a bunch of files is locked and have a new extension .fucked appended. This ransomware infection finds files in all drives and then encrypts them. It does not lock files only in those directories which have these strings in their paths: “bin”, “System Volume information”, “cache”, “very”, “boot”, “efi”, “.old”, and others. At the time of writing, it is impossible to purchase the private decryption key from cyber criminals and unlock files with its help because this infection does not demand a ransom and does not leave payment instructions. If it happens that you encounter Fucked Ransomware and find your all files locked, enter a decryption code 123 in the box located on the window named Form2 and click on the Button1 button. In case an updated version of this infection ever slithers onto your computer and demands a ransom, do not rush to send money to cyber criminals because it might be possible to decrypt those files for free. One of the ways to do that is to recover files from a backup.

Where does Fucked Ransomware come from?

Fucked Ransomware does not seem to be a ransomware infection developed by cyber criminals to steal money from users. Instead, according to our specialists, it has been developed for testing purposes. Because of this, it is not actively distributed, and there is not much to tell about its dissemination. In the opinion of specialists, the most likely scenario is that it will be distributed in spam emails if it ever starts being spread actively. It is, actually, only one of several distribution methods that might be used to spread malware, so users should be extremely cautious. First of all, they need to stop downloading software from file-sharing and similar suspicious websites. Second, a security application must be enabled on all users’ computers.

How do I delete Fucked Ransomware?

In the opinion of our researchers, Fucked Ransomware is not a sophisticated computer infection; however, you will still have to put some effort into its removal. Although it does not drop any files and does not make serious modifications in the system registry, it will not be easy to find and remove the malicious file which has launched it. It should be located in %TEMP%, %USERPROFILE%\Downloads or %USERPROFILE%\Desktop and have a random name. If you cannot find it anywhere, use an automatic malware remover because keeping a ransomware infection active on the system is a really bad idea, and this might quickly result in a bunch of other security-related problems.

Fucked Ransomware removal guide

  1. Enter the unlock code 123 in the box located on the Form2 window.
  2. When your files are decrypted, find and delete the malicious file of ransomware. It should be located in these directories:

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