FreeGovernmentForms New Tab

What is FreeGovernmentForms New Tab?

Users download FreeGovernmentForms New Tab because they expect this program to provide them with access to useful forms. What they do not expect is to be exposed to a suspicious search tool or to have silent tracking cookies collecting personally identifiable information. Did you know that this strange Chrome add-on can spy on you? This is disclosed via the Privacy Policy that you should have reviewed before installing the extension. Of course, most users do not bother to go through the legal information regarding the software they are interested in because they naively hope that programs that look reliable are, indeed, reliable. Well, the most malicious infections can be disguised as genuine programs, so you should not judge software by the appearance. If you have let it in already, we advise deleting FreeGovernmentForms New Tab, and you can read this report to learn how to do that. researchers have analyzed this add-on, and, if you have questions about it, we are ready to answer them for you.testtesttest

How does FreeGovernmentForms New Tab work?

The first thing we need to discuss regarding the activity of FreeGovernmentForms New Tab is its distribution. This extension does not have an official installer, and it appears that most users download it from the Chrome web store or using unfamiliar downloaders. Our research has revealed that this add-on could be spread via misleading pop-ups advertised on untrustworthy websites or injected by advertising-supported software. Do you know if adware is active on your PC? If you are not sure, run a malware scanner to detect adware. A scanner is also irreplaceable when it comes to the detection of all other kinds of malware, and, if the extension was installed by a third-party installer, it is possible that it was packaged with malware. Luckily, FreeGovernmentForms New Tab itself is quite easy to handle. The issue is that most users do not realize that this program needs handling. Once installed, it is represented via the New Tab on your Chrome browser, and it provides links to Tax, Travel, DMV, and other seemingly useful forms (via At first sight, this extension acts exactly as it is supposed to.

As mentioned previously, FreeGovernmentForms New Tab is capable of spying on you, and that is done silently. A statement in the Privacy Policy states that the program can collect URLs, search data, and search queries potentially containing personal information. Furthermore, it is added that the data collected can be shared with third parties, but they are not listed, which is why we do not know whether or not they can be trusted. Of course, the fact that this extension can leak private information is very disconcerting, and this is the top reason to delete it from your browser. After all, even if this program was harmless to your virtual identity – which it is not – you should not trust it anyway. The official forms it promotes might be outdated and inaccurate, and you do not want to waste your time filling out forms that might not be accepted anyway. Overall, there are no advantages to using this extension, and it is best you eliminate it right now.

How to delete FreeGovernmentForms New Tab

We encourage users to invest in reliable anti-malware software. Although it is extremely easy to remove FreeGovernmentForms New Tab manually, an anti-malware tool can inspect your operating system and erase any additional threats. Most important, this tool can help you keep your PC inaccessible for other threats, and that is extremely important if you do not wish to encounter suspicious and malicious programs in the future. If you have made up your mind already, and you choose to proceed manually, make sure you identify every single threat active on your operating system. The chances are that we have already created guides for the malware corrupting your PC, and we advise using them to clean your operating system. If you detect new infections, post a comment below, and we will provide you with the information you need to get rid of this malware as soon as possible.

Removal Instructions

  1. Launch Chrome and tap Alt+F to access a menu on the right.
  2. Move to More tools to access different options and choose Extensions.
  3. In the chrome://extensions/ menu identify the undesirable extension.
  4. Click the recycle bin and choose Remove.
  5. Restart your Chrome browser and run a full system scan.
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