What is is a browser hijacker that will change your browser settings without your permission. It is very likely that you install this potential computer security threat onto your computer yourself. Browser hijackers are not extremely dangerous by themselves, but they could be exploited by cyber criminals to promote and distribute corrupted content. It may lead to serious malware infection, so you are strongly recommended to remove from the PC immediately. There is also a chance that you have more than just one unwanted application on your system, so a full system scan is a must.testtest 100% FREE spyware scan and
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Where does come from?

If you go to the official website for and check out the About Us section, it says that Aedge Performance BCN, S.L.U. created this search engine. These developers are from Spain, but our security research analysts think that the company might be a hoax. After all, there is no direct download link, and that is certainly something one would not expect from a reliable application.

With no direct download link available, we can assume that travels bundled with freeware. That is a common practice applied by browser hijackers and adware applications. It means that enters the system together with some other programs, especially when you download freeware applications from third-party file hosting websites.

What does do?

The official statement at claims that “Fissa is a search website that can be used for all your Internet searches: search the whole World Wide Web, and also narrow your searches on images, news, products, offers and coupons.” It also says that Fissa is powered by Google, so here we can raise a question – why use Fissa when you can simply use Google directly?

What is more, when you get infected with, your default homepage and search engine change automatically. Whenever you access the Internet, you will be redirected to, and you will also see a big banner with commercial advertisements. These ads and various redirection links on search results are your biggest security concerns. After all, you cannot be sure that clicking them would lead you to Zappos or any other well-known online shopping website.

It is possible to be redirected through several adware-related sites that will collect your web browsing data and will expose you to unreliable online content. The bottom line is that it is not safe to use, and you have to get rid of this browser hijacker immediately.

How to remove

There is no entry for on the installed programs list in Control Panel, but you can reset your browser settings to default manually. After that, you should scan your computer with SpyHunter free scanner to detect all the remaining files that are related to Eventually, terminate all the malicious files with a reliable antispyware application.

How to reset my browser settings to default

Internet Explorer

  1. Press Alt+T and go to Internet options.
  2. Open Advanced tab and press Reset.
  3. Select Delete personal settings and click Reset.
  4. Click Close.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Press Alt+H and go to Troubleshooting information.
  2. Click Reset Firefox at the top right of a new tab.
  3. When a pop-up box appears, click Reset Firefox again.
  4. Click Finish.

Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F and go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click Show advanced settings.
  3. Scroll down and click Reset browser settings button.
  4. Click Reset on a pop-up box. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of*

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