What is FavGenius?

FavGenius is a program that will allow you to put all your favorite links in one place. If you ever need them, you will be able to access them very quickly, which means that you will not forget the URLs of the most interesting websites ever again. As you can see, FavGenius promises to act in a very beneficial way; however, we do not think that it can be fully trusted. If you wonder why it is so, we just want to say that FavGenius is an advertising-supported application and it is going to display all kinds of ads on your screen. It might do other activities too. If you want to find out more about FavGenius, continue reading this article. You will also find out more information about its removal in it.testtest

How does FavGenius act?

It seems that FavGenius will really do what it promises; however, researchers at anti-spyware-101.com have also found that this program is going to display all kinds of commercial advertisements on your screen. You will see offers, coupons, pop-ups, banners, and other kinds of advertisements. It does not matter which kinds of commercials appear on your screen because you should still ignore them all completely. In other words, you should not click on any of them. It is not advisable to do that because you might infect your system with malicious software very quickly. Not all the links embedded into ads are dangerous; however, you might click on the link associated with a dangerous web page one day. Furthermore, research has also shown that this advertising-supported application will not only show ads. According to the specialists, it is very likely that it will also collect information about your activities on the web. It does that in order to provide you with interesting ads and thus lure you into clicking on them.

You might also notice that your computer has started working slower than usual if you install FavGenius too because it travels bundled with other programs, and these programs might start performing various activities and using your PC’s resources after they enter your system. FavGenius might come in a bundle with all kinds of undesirable programs, including potentially unwanted programs, browser hijackers, and even bad toolbars. You have to get rid of all those infections as soon as possible too because they might download other threats on your PC and they might slow down your computer considerably.

How to get rid of FavGenius

You can get rid of FavGenius adware manually or automatically. It does not really matter how you decide to do that because both these methods are trustworthy. If you decide to remove FavGenius manually, you should use our manual removal instructions that can be found below this article. In case you decide to delete this program automatically, you simply have to acquire a security tool and install it on your PC. Then, scan your system. Not all the tools should be installed on the system; researchers say that free tools that can be found on third-party web pages and torrent websites are usually completely untrustworthy. It might not be very easy to decide which tool to use, so we suggest using the SpyHunter antimalware suite.

Delete FavGenius

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open your browser and tap Ctrl+Shift+A.
  2. Select Extensions.
  3. Find and select the unwanted extension.
  4. Remove it.

Google Chrome

  1. Open your browser and tap Alt+F.
  2. Select Settings and click Tools.
  3. Click Extensions.
  4. Select the extension and click on the trash button.
  5. Click Remove.

Internet Explorer

  1. Open your browser and tap Alt+T.
  2. Select Manage Add-ons and click Toolbars and Extensions.
  3. Select the extension and erase it.

If it is something unclear for you regarding the FavGenius removal, you can leave your questions in the comment box below and we will answer all of them.

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