What is error_local_user?

It is important to be aware of an intrusive application that goes by the name of error_local_user. If you ever happen to encounter it keep in mind that it exhibits no valuable features whatsoever. It is important to note that you could come across various claims stating that this suspicious application could actually be useful. Such advertising techniques are often employed by developers of dubious applications to trick unsuspecting users into obtaining an application without realizing how it fully functions. It is important to highlight the fact that error_local_user will limit your ability to use your PC as well as it could turn out to be the primary reason your computer could get infected with other dubious programs. It goes without saying that such functionality of this invasive program is the major reason our researchers highly advise you to remove it as soon as it is found up and running on your operating system. Below we present a detailed removal guide that you should use to terminate error_local_user in the easiest way possible.test

What does error_local_user do?

The intrusive program in question exhibits quite a few devious and invasive features. Once error_local_user enters your operating system your PC will be restarted without any notification. After such involuntary system reboot, you will notice that your default desktop background will be altered. While this is annoying, it is critical to note that it is not the worst thing about it; for as long as this devious program is active on your computer, you will have limited access to your PC as your desktop will be locked. You will be presented with a warning message informing you that your copy of Windows misses a product key; thus, you will be asked to enter one to reactivate your operating system. Keep in mind that this is a fake alert, which is likely designed to scare you into obtaining a new product key from the website of error_local_user. We highly advise you not to purchase anything from the developers of this suspicious application as you will likely lose a rather large sum of money. Unfortunately, there is something much more alarming about this dubious program. As it turns out, in some cases this application could prove to be the reason other potentially harmful programs could enter your computer without a lot of trouble. This is some because the invasive application in question could be used as a backdoor into your PC by those potentially malicious programs. If you want to maintain an operating system safe and secure at all times, you must execute a complete removal of error_local_user as soon as it is found up and running on your operating system. If you fail to do so, you will leave your operating system at risk of being infected with some other unknown malware.

How to improve your virtual security

It is critical to highlight the fact that since there is no official website that would host a direct download for error_local_user, it is rather unsurprising that in most cases it is spread via software bundles. You must take a few preventative steps to avoid getting your PC infected with this or any other invasive program. First and foremost, make sure to acquire all of your software from official vendor's websites only as they do not tend to provide installers filled with questionable applications. Keep in mind that such installers are usually up for download on devious third-party download sites, this is not surprising since they are infamous for being the primary source of suspicious setup files. Additionally, you should always learn about the program that you wish to have as much as possible before obtaining it. This is paramount since creators of invasive programs use misleading marketing techniques very often. Last, but not least, make sure to implement a professional antimalware tool if you do not have one already. Such a tool is crucial since it provides overall system security at all times.

How to remove error_local_user

The complete removal of error_local_user must be executed as soon as it is detected fully running on your operating system. This is extremely important as allowing this intrusive program running on your PC could have detrimental outcomes, to say the least. To get rid of this invasive and potentially malicious program make sure to follow the removal guide that we present below. In order to be sure that everything associated with error_local_user has been removed from your PC, you will need to run an in-depth analysis of your computer for potential leftovers linked to it. If you find such analysis too complicated, make sure to scan your computer with a reliable antimalware tool, which can detect and delete anything associated with this dubious program.

How to remove error_local_user from your personal computer

  1. Click the Windows button.
  2. Type regedit into the search box and tap Enter.
  3. Go to HEKY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall.
  4. Locate and remove a registry valued called WindowsActivationUpdate.
  5. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.
  6. Double-click the registry value called Shell, then replace the value data section with explorer.exe.
  7. Now go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.
  8. Once again double-click the registry value called Shell and then replace the value data section with explorer.exe.
  9. Open your File Explorer.
  10. Go to C:\Program Files (x86).
  11. Locate and delete the folder called WindowsActivationUpdate.
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