Elmers Glue Locker Ransomware

What is Elmers Glue Locker Ransomware?

In this article we will tell about a threat we recently encountered; it is known as Elmers Glue Locker Ransomware. For starters, we should say our researchers are not sure if the infection is fully developed. What makes us believe it is the malicious application's message and working manner. The hackers ask to transfer a huge amount of money, but the malware does not do anything bad enough that would at least make the user think of paying the ransom. To be more precise, the asked payment is sixteen Bitcoins or approximately thirty-eight thousand US dollars. Usually, if ransomware creators tell the price they ask for a sum less than one Bitcoin or between one and two Bitcoins, so in this case, the demanded amount is highly irregular. Nonetheless, the cyber criminals could spread it just to test how it works and possibly even try to upgrade it and distribute it again. In any case, if you somehow encountered Elmers Glue Locker Ransomware or want to know more about it, we recommend reviewing our report.test

How does Elmers Glue Locker Ransomware work?

Mainly the malware has only two tasks: one is to change the user’s default Desktop picture, and the other one is to lock the screen. When Elmers Glue Locker Ransomware completes these tasks, the user should see a picture of a key and a couple of lines of text next to it on the screen. The text in the red background should say “Your computer has been locked with very sticky Elmers Glue.” Then the malicious application provides a ransom note written in questions and answers form. As we already said it before, the ransom note asks to transfer 16 BTC to a particular Bitcoin address. Besides the enormous price, there is another strange thing; the cyber criminals suggest victims should visit torbox3uiot6wchz.onion, which is an email system for Tor browser. Since the infection’s creators do not give any email address, there is just no point on loading the provided website because you will not be able to contact them anyway.

What’s more, our researchers at Anti-spyware-101.com report the malicious application does not disable Task Manager or any other features of the operating system. It means the user can launch the Tsk Manager, find the malware’s process and end it. After doing so, all that is left to do to get rid of the infection is deleting its installer. Of course, first you have to unlock the screen, but that is not so difficult either. The screen can be unlocked by clicking the Alt+Tab combination. On the other hand, you can just restart the computer and then erase Elmers Glue Locker Ransomware as the threat cannot launch itself with the operating system.

How to remove Elmers Glue Locker Ransomware?

The manual deletion method was already described earlier, and for more detailed instructions users can take a look at the steps available below this article. The other way to eliminate Elmers Glue Locker Ransomware is to get a legitimate antimalware tool, install it on the infected computer, and start a full system scan. At the end of the scan, the removal tool should display a deletion button; all you have to do is click it, and all the identified threats, including the ransomware, would be erased automatically.

Eliminate Elmers Glue Locker Ransomware

  1. Restart the computer.
  2. Press Windows Key+E.
  3. Check the following paths:
  4. Find the malware’s installer (the suspicious file you opened before the device was infected).
  5. Select the suspected file and press Shift+Delete.
  6. Close the Explorer. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Elmers Glue Locker Ransomware*

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