CyberSplitter Ransomware

What is CyberSplitter Ransomware?

CyberSplitter Ransomware is a ransomware application, but it is a rather sad excuse for a computer infection. The point is that this application does not do what most of the other ransomware programs are notorious for. Therefore, if you have been infected by this annoying nuisance, it should not be too hard to remove CyberSplitter Ransomware. Scroll down to the bottom of this description for the manual removal instructions, and do not forget that it is always a good idea to run a full system scan with a licensed antispyware application. You might have a lot more threats on your PC than you think.

Where does CyberSplitter Ransomware come from?

The truth is that we have encountered the same program before only under a different name. Our researchers say that CyberSplitter Ransomware is the same as Cyber Splitter Vbs Ransomware. This program was first detected in September 2016, and now it seems that its creators have released a second batch of the infection without any modifications.

CyberSplitter Ransomware spreads in the usual ways applied by ransomware applications. It means that it most probably entered your computer via spam email attachments. Hence, we often ask users to be extremely careful when they open messages from unknown senders. You should be extremely cautious when such messages have files attached to them.

Sure enough, most of the spam email messages get filtered into your junk folder, but these days quite a few spam campaigners manage to avoid such filters and land in your main inbox. So if you are not sure whether the attachment you are about to open is safe or not, you should scan it with a security application. If you do not have such a program, it is about time you invested into one.

What does CyberSplitter Ransomware do?

When we talk about this infection, it is probably a lot reasonable to talk about what it does not do rather than what it can do. For starters, it should encrypt your files, but it does not do that. So CyberSplitter Ransomware loses the main footing that is common to almost all ransomware infections. Such infections basically hold your files hostage trying to push you into paying the ransom fee, but since this program cannot do anything to your files, the only thing it has to work on is the scare factor.

Of course, there might be new versions of this application in the works, and the next time a new program is released, it might be able to encrypt your files. However, before that happens, it is not that hard to deal with CyberSplitter Ransomware.

What else does the program do upon the infection? The application will display a warning message on your desktop. The message will say that your files have been encrypted, but we already know that the warning is void. Also, CyberSplitter Ransomware will require you to send 1BTC to the given Bitcoin account to “decrypt” your files, but sending money to these criminals also would not solve anything because there is nothing to solve in the first place. Well, you still need to remove this infection from your computer, and it is not complicated because it does not leave any big trace in your system.

How do I remove CyberSplitter Ransomware?

To get rid of this program, you will have to find the file you have launched right before the infection took over your computer. It will probably be in your Downloads folder because that is where most of the downloaded files get saved by default. If you have another folder or directory where you save all the downloaded files, you should check out that place, too.

Also, be sure to scan your system with a security application that will surely tell whether your computer is further infected or not. After all, there might be more applications loitering around, waiting for you to make a slip. And it is not just about the programs that might currently be on your computer. You should protect your system from all the potential threats that could barge in later on. Finally, please think twice before you click a pop-up or download an attachment from unfamiliar sources because that might be the first step towards a malicious infection.

Manual CyberSplitter Ransomware Removal

  1. Open your Downloads folder.
  2. Locate the most recently launched file.
  3. Delete the file.
  4. Empty your Recycle bin.
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