Cryptconsole Ransomware

What is Cryptconsole Ransomware?

According to our researchers, Cryptconsole Ransomware is a highly malicious application that can encrypt your personal files and render them useless. Therefore, removing it is highly recommended, but if your PC has already been infected with it, then it is likely that your files have already been encrypted. Interestingly, this ransomware does not drop a ransom note, so there is no telling whether its developers (who are nothing short of cyber criminals) want you to pay them for a decryption key.test

Where does Cryptconsole Ransomware come from?

Cryptconsole Ransomware which is also known as Cryptoconsole Ransomware due to a typing mistake was first spotted on 2 October 2017. However, its distribution methods are still not known. Our researchers think that its developers might distribute this ransomware through email spam since many ransomware-type computer infections are distributed this way. Usually, email spam is sent from a dedicated email server, and the emails are disguised as invoices, receipts, tax return forms and other types of documents that appear to come from legitimate companies. Researchers think that he fake emails might have file attachments that can either contain a file that downloads this ransomware when opened or includes the ransomware itself and drops it on your PC when opened. This is just a theory, however, but a plausible one at that. Now let us move on to how this ransomware works.

How does Cryptconsole Ransomware work?

This ransomware consists of one executable file named sv.exe. This files can be dropped anywhere deep on your computer. Once in place, it will run automatically and scan your computer for files of interest. Then, it will start encrypting your files. Note that this particular ransomware differs from most other ransomware in that it does not encrypt the files themselves but their names and the extension of the files. Still, this does not mean that you can simply change the name and extension to the original and be done with it. You need a decryption tool to do that.

This ransomware does not drop a ransom note so you cannot buy your files back. Therefore, we recommend that you wait untill security specialists develop a free decryption tool. It uses the AES encryption algorithm which is a pretty strong nut to crack. Our malware analysts have found that Cryptconsole Ransomware was coded in the .Net framework programming language. As a result, it can be decompiled which is great news because this can help cyber security specialists develop a reliable decryption tool. Another thing to note is that this ransomware should delete itself once it has encrypted your files, but that might not always be the case.

How can I remove Cryptconsole Ransomware?

As you can see Cryptconsole Ransomware is a highly malicious computer infection that can leave your files encrypted indefinitely. The ransomware does not drop a ransom note and likely removes itself once all of your files have been encrypted. However, if that is not the case, then we recommend that you use SpyHunter’s free scanner to detect the location of the executable and then go there and delete the file manually.

Removal Guide

  1. Open the browser.
  2. Visit
  3. Download SpyHunter-Installer.exe and run it.
  4. Launch the program and click Scan Computer Now!
  5. Copy the file path of “sv.exe” from the scan results.
  6. Hold down Windows+E keys.
  7. Type the file path in File Explorer’s address box and press Enter.
  8. Find and right-click “sv.exe” and then click Delete.
  9. Empty the Recycle Bin.
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