Cookies On-off

What is Cookies On-off?

Cookies On-off is a browser extension for Google Chrome that was designed to disable cookies while you browse the web. While it can do what it was made to do, we believe that it this application is unnecessary because you can configure the browser itself not to accept cookies. Therefore, you may want to consider removing it as it is not that useful. Furthermore, our researchers have concluded that its dedicated distribution website was configured to display commercial advertisements that come from unknown sources and are thus unreliable. The website can also collect some information about you to use it for targeted advertising.testtesttest

What does Cookies On-off do?

Once you have installed Cookies On-off, you can disable cookies by clicking this program’s button on the top right of the screen. You can customize your settings and add exception rules. Basically, cookies collect anonymous information about you to improve your experience on a given website. However, some people to not want to share any information with unknown parties and that is why privacy-conscious users want to disable them. However, this program is not the answer as you can go to Google Chrome’s settings and configure it not to accept cookies from websites.

Cookies On-off has a dedicated distribution website at According to the privacy policy of this website, it can feature advertisements. However, the origins of the ads are unknown, and there is no way to tell whether they are safe to click or not because if they come from shady a shady source, then they can compromise your computer’s security and your privacy. The policy also states that it requires your name, address, email address, or telephone number as well as information about your visits to the website in order to provide advertisements about goods and services that you may be interested in.

Ironically, can collect information about you using browser cookies as well as web beacons to show third-party advertisements. They are used to send the collected information to the advertisers. This information is used for geotargeting purposes, that is to show region-specific advertisements that generally generate clicks and the more ads the users click, the more ad revenue Cookies On-off’s developers make.

What does Cookies On-off do?

You should not trust this program as it comes from an unknown and, thus, unreliable source. Its dedicated distribution website at provides little to no information on its developers and publishers. Apart from its dedicated distribution website, you can also find Cookies On-off on the Chrome Web Store which says that it has more than 2,000 users. The number of users has been steadily climbing recently, so it is important for people to know that this program is mostly useless.

How do I remove Cookies On-off?

To summarize, Cookies On-off is a browser extension set to disable cookies on your browser, but is not all that useful considering that you can set your browser not to accept cookies altogether. Therefore, this application is a rather useless. Also, its distribution website collects information about you and features third-party ads of unknown origin. Lastly, both this program and website were created by an unknown developer, and this is an indication that this program can be unreliable. To get rid of Cookies On-off go to Chrome’s list of extensions and click the Remove button. See the guide below for more information.

Removal Guide

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Simultaneously press Alt+F.
  3. Select More tools and click Extensions.
  4. Find Cookies Control and click Remove. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Cookies On-off*

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