Combo Search

What is Combo Search?

Have you recently installed an extension called Combo Search? What was your intention behind this? Did you install this tool hoping that it would change the way you browse the web? If you did, you probably have realized by now that this extension is not all that useful. Were you pushed to install this extension? This might have happened if you executed an unreliable software installer whose operator is paid money for the successful distribution of different programs. In case you have employed an unfamiliar software installer, beware of other malicious threats. While the suspicious search tool is just a PUP that you might be better off, much more dangerous threats might have been installed onto your computer along with it. If that is the case, take care of these threats before you delete Combo Search. Note that our malware research team is ready to help you regardless of which security issue you face. If you need our assistance, use the comments section below to add questions.testtesttest

How does Combo Search work?

Combo Search does not spread on its own. It can be bundled with third-party software, or you can download it from the official website ( A Chrome web store page was also created to represent this suspicious extension. It appears that the add-on might work differently depending on how you install it. For example, if you install it from the Chrome web store, a button next to the address bar will be shown allowing you to select between three different search providers (Chrome, Yahoo, or Bing). The extension “controls” the search provider’s settings, and you cannot adjust them yourself unless you remove Combo Search. In other cases – as discovered by our research team – the PUP might also employ, a suspicious search engine that displays third-party advertisements along with regular search results. This search tool might be represented via the New Tab, and we do not advise interacting with it unless you have researched it thoroughly and you are comfortable with the risks you might face by interacting with it.

Have you analyzed Combo Search enough to be sure that this extension is reliable? Have you at least reviewed the Privacy Policy? This document is not extremely extensive, and we are sure that you can spare a few minutes to familiarize yourself with it. We have reviewed the statement, and we know that the extension can work as a marketing tool. When you install it, it employs trackers that collect data about your virtual activity. Although it is unlikely that this suspicious PUP records personally identifiable information, it can track your browsing activity, record your history, and analyze your interaction with ads and sites. This data can be sent to unknown parties, and that is what got us worried. What if data about your virtual behavior is shared with unreliable parties who might use it to create scams? As you might already know, malware distributors can use misleading ads to infiltrate malicious infections, and no one can guarantee that you will not be exposed to such ads.

How to delete Combo Search

If you have decided to remove Combo Search from Google Chrome, here is what you need to do: Find the extension and get rid of it. Yes, it is that easy to eliminate this extension, and you can learn how to find it using the guide below. If you have scanned your computer and other infections were found, we suggest using anti-malware software to have them eliminated automatically. If this is the route you take, you do not need to delete Combo Search manually. Another thing we would advise looking into is reliable security software. If you do not employ such software to protect your operating system now, it is possible that you will face other malicious infections and potentially unwanted programs in the future. If you choose to invest in security software, make sure it is legitimate and efficient because the web is full of useless and even fictitious security tools.

Removal Instructions

  1. Open the browser and enter chrome://extensions/ into the address bar.
  2. Find the undesirable extension and click the trash icon on its right.
  3. Select Remove and then restart the browser.
  4. Do not forget to perform a full system scan to ensure that your PC is clean.
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