CIA Special Agent 767 Screen Locker

What is CIA Special Agent 767 Screen Locker?

You do not need to panic if the intimidating CIA Special Agent 767 Screen Locker has slithered into your operating system. Although this infection looks scary, in reality, it is pretty much harmless, and you can remove it without any consequences. Are you afraid that you will lose your files by eliminating this threat? malware researchers have found that it does not lock your files as told via the ransom notification that locks the screen. In fact, the only thing that this infection can do is lock your screen, which, by the way, can be very easily fixed. You can learn all about this malicious threat by reading this report, and the instructions below will help you delete CIA Special Agent 767 Screen Locker from your operating system in no time. If you want to discuss anything mentioned in this report, you can always post your questions and start a conversation in the comments section below.testtest

How does CIA Special Agent 767 Screen Locker work?

When the malicious CIA Special Agent 767 Screen Locker locks your screen, it introduces you to a message that is meant to push you into paying a ransom of $100. A threat is added suggesting that the fee will go up to $500 if you do not pay the fee within five days. According to this message, you are expected to pay the sum in order to receive a key that allegedly can decrypt your personal files, including documents, photos, and videos. Well, the thing is that your files are not actually encrypted, and the screen was locked only to make it impossible for you to check that yourself. Although the CIA credentials are attached to the misleading warning, it is not difficult to realize that cyber criminals are behind it. For one, the message has grammatical errors, and that is a dead giveaway that it is bogus. Second, you are requested to pay the ransom in Bitcoins, which is not the payment method that authentic organizations would ever use. 1GmGBH9ra2dqA8CgRg8a8Rngx4qHb2hLDW is the Bitcoin Address to which you are expected to pay the fee, but, of course, you should not do that. Instead, you should focus on the removal of CIA Special Agent 767 Screen Locker.

While your Desktop is paralyzed by the annoying CIA Special Agent 767 Screen Locker message, you cannot do anything, which is why the first thing you must do is disable the screen locker. According to our research, it should be enough to enter “suckmydicknigga” into the “If you already purchased the key put it here” box. Keep in mind that once you regain access to the Desktop, you still need to remove malicious elements of this devious threat. If you do not do that, the next time you restart your PC, the screen-locking warning will reappear. If the password does not work, you might have to reboot your operating system into Safe Mode so that you could delete CIA Special Agent 767 Screen Locker components. The components of this malicious Trojan are not the only thing you might need worry about. At the moment, it is not exactly known how this dangerous threat infiltrates operating systems, which means there is a possibility that other infections are involved. All in all, it is clear that your computer is not protected appropriately, and it might be beleaguered with malware that requires immediate removal.

How to delete CIA Special Agent 767 Screen Locker

If your operating system gets infected with CIA Special Agent 767 Screen Locker, there is one thing we know for sure: Your operating system lacks reliable protection. If you do not employ reliable security software now, other malicious infection could slither in before you know it. In fact, other malicious threats might be active on your PC right now. If you choose to stick with manual removal, you need to inspect your operating system first, and we advise installing a legitimate malware scanner. It will examine your operating system and list all threats that are active. The good news is that removing CIA Special Agent 767 Screen Locker is not very difficult, and you can follow the manual removal steps represented below. Will you be able to erase all other threats and keep the operating system protected all by yourself is something we do not know. We advise utilizing anti-malware software to have all malicious infections erased and your operating system protected.

Removal Instructions

  1. Type suckmydicknigga into the box allocated for the decryption key and tap Enter to unlock the screen.
  2. Tap Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys to launch Task Manager and then click the Processes tab.
  3. Find the malicious process (e.g., WindowsApplication1), right-click it, and select Properties.
  4. Check the name of the malicious file and copy its location.
  5. Go back to Processes and kill the malicious process.
  6. Tap Win+E keys to launch Explorer and paste the location of the malicious file into the bar at the top.
  7. Right-click and Delete the malicious file (e.g., receipt69.exe).
  8. Simultaneously tap keys Win+R to launch RUN.
  9. Enter regedit.exe and click OK to launch Registry Editor.
  10. Move to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.
  11. Right-click and Delete the value representing the malicious file (check the value data to make sure).
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