What is Chthonic?

You might not even know that your system contains a new banking Trojan named Chthonic; however, if your security tool detects it, you should remove it without consideration. Chthonic is a serious computer infection that is similar to previously published banking Trojan Zeus. In most cases, this infection enters unprotected systems, so there is a possibility that your security tool is unreliable or you do not have one installed on your computer. Either way, you should get rid of Chthonic as soon as possible because this Trojan might steal personal information and perform different kinds of activities behind your back. If you want to get more information about Chthonic and its removal, we suggest reading through this article.

How does Chthonic act?

Security experts have found that Chthonic is aimed at banking systems and their customers mainly. It is known that it has already hit many different banks and payment systems in 15 countries. Computer users usually allow this infection enter their systems themselves because they open spam email attachments. Yes, you have understood correctly, the majority of victims are infected by email attachments that carry a .DOC file. Other serious computer infections also use this tactic to enter computers, so the specialists at highly recommend that you ignore spam emails. It might seem that they are sent by family members and relatives; however, you should be very careful because their computers might be infected with malware and they might not even know about these emails.

Chthonic uses web injectors in order to insert its code and images into the bank pages. If you wonder why it acts like that, you should know that this Trojan seeks to collect system information, steal saved passwords, log keystrokes, and even record video and sound. We do not think that you want to reveal this information to cyber criminals, so we recommend that you delete Chthonic as soon as possible. If your computer is clean and you are reading this article to simply find more information about Chthonic, you should know that we highly recommend installing an antimalware tool to prevent this Trojan from slithering onto your computer.

How to get rid of Chthonic

Ordinary computer users will not be able to delete Chthonic manually because it is very difficult to do that and this Trojan might deeply hide on your system. Luckily, there is still a solution – you can erase this threat automatically. It is very important to install a powerful malware remover because those unreliable ones will not do anything good for you and Chthonic will not disappear anywhere. The security experts at recommend that you scan your computer with SpyHunter or a similar malware remover, if you want to get rid of Chthonic once and for all. This tool will protect your PC from future infections, so we believe that it is worth acquiring it. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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