What is Chipopo?

Even though Chipopo can be downloaded from the Chrome Web store, it does not mean that it is an extension that can be completely trusted. Of course, users do not know that it is a potentially unwanted program, or a PUP, so we cannot blame them for downloading and installing this browser extension. Chipopo is a piece of software working on Google Chrome only. It should enable users to access Wallpapers in HD quality for free, conveniently browse the list of these Wallpapers and set them, and even share them with friends through Facebook, email, Twitter, and MMS. On the basis of the information provided in, it is an application that should enable users to personalize their home screens. Unfortunately, it has turned out quickly it is not as beneficial as it claims to be. All it does is go to set a new default search engine on a Google Chrome browser after the installation. Yes, it might be possible to change the background of this page, but that is it. Users who do not find this piece of software very useful or cannot explain how it has ended up on their PCs should go to remove Chipopo without mercy. Let’s find out more about this potentially unwanted program first and only then go to get rid of it.testtesttest

What does Chipopo do?

Chipopo shares similarities with Baboom, which is classified as an adware program, according to researchers at, so it is not surprising that it does not do anything very beneficial and only sets a new search provider. A number of users have no idea that will become their default search engine, so they are not very satisfied with the changes they see. allows users to select whether they want to see Google or Yahoo! search results, but it does not make it immediately a fully trustworthy search tool. Our security specialists are sure that this search engine set by Chipopo is not malicious, but they still say that users should be careful with it because the modified search results (they drive traffic to third-party websites and usually are not based on the entered search query) might be provided for users too. Of course, it is only a presumption, but there is no doubt that other more trustworthy tools for searching the web exist and should be used instead of

Where does Chipopo come from?

Modified search results which might be displayed to users if they use a search tool promoted by Chipopo is not the only reason this Google Chrome browser extension is called a potentially unwanted application. Specialists believe that illegal ways of distribution might be used to spread this software even though users can voluntarily get it from the Chrome Web store ( It is because a number of users who have not installed this browser extension willingly still find it in the list of add-ons on Google Chrome. Because of all these users’ complaints, thorough research has been carried out, and it has shown that Chipopo might travel bundled in malicious software installers with other applications. These software bundles usually end up on those computers whose owners download tons of freeware from file-sharing, torrent, and similar dubious third-party pages. Also, it has been revealed that this extension can be immediately installed if a user clicks on a malicious pop-up. These pop-ups usually become visible when users visit questionable websites. Also, they might keep appearing on the screen because there is malicious software, most probably adware, which actively works on the computer installed.

How do I delete Chipopo?

Chipopo works on Google Chrome browser only, meaning that it will not take much time to take care of it. This potentially unwanted program only installs its extension on a browser, so it can be fully erased by deleting this extension. We can assure you that you will not regret getting rid of it if you do that, so eliminate it without further consideration. Instructions located below this paragraph will help users to access the Add-ons Manager, delete the undesirable extension, and, finally, change the default search provider to the preferred search engine. Of course, an automatic malware remover, e.g. SpyHunter, can make this undesirable extension gone quicker. It is up to users which of these removal methods (manual or automatic) to adopt.

Remove Chipopo manually

Delete the undesirable browser extension

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and select More tools from the menu.
  3. Click Extensions.
  4. Select the extension (chipopo) you wish to erase and then click on the trash button next to it.
  5. In the confirmation window, click on the Remove button.


  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the button in the top-right corner.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Under the Search section, click Manage search engines.
  5. Find the preferred search tool and select it.
  6. Click Make default.
  7. Find, select it, and then click X next to it to get rid of it.
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