Celebrities by inMind

What is Celebrities by inMind?

If you do not remember installing Celebrities by inMind and it appears in your browsers, it is possible that you have downloaded free software recently and did not realize that you allow other tools onto your computer as well. That is why a lot of users think of this potentially unwanted program (PUP) as an infection, although they initiate the download and the installation themselves. However, no matter how this browser extension entered your computer, it may not be a reliable tool. According to our researchers, this PUP belongs to the Mindspark family, which has produced a lot of useless but potentially harmful toolbars and other extensions. This PUP might pose a threat to your computer’s health through its third-party services, and therefore, we suggest that you remove Celebrities by inMind from your computer. The more you hesitate to make a decision, the more time and chance this extension has to expose you to potentially unsafe web content.

Where does Celebrities by inMind come from?

We are not surprised at the questionable behavior this PUP shows since we have long known the Mindspark products and their “reliability.” Business New Tab and CrazyForCraft are only two of the most recent PUPs from this family that we have covered here. It feels like there is a new one every day. Celebrities by inMind is available for download from its official website, lp.inmind-celeb.com, at least, there is a download button to click, but somehow, it does not seem to work currently. Nevertheless, what may be the chances of users finding this website and downloading this new tab page extension from there? Obviously, the publisher wants to spread its product widely and all over the web. That is why you can find this PUP in freeware bundles.testtesttest

Unfortunately, bundling is a rather questionable distribution method. It has been used to promote and deliver free third-party tools and programs that were packed with some free software. However, schemers saw an opportunity in this and started to spread malware infections in bundles. You can download such infected packages from unreliable file-sharing websites mostly. Sometimes it is enough to click on a third-party pop-up ad on a freeware website. That is why it is important for you to make sure that you always download software from reputable pages. You can save yourself from some unnecessary security issues. If you downloaded this new tab extension this way, you are better off deleting it because it may start acting in an unpredictable way.

What does Celebrities by inMind do?

This browser extension seems to affect only Google Chrome. Once it is installed, it sets a modified Ask.com page as your new home page, new tab page, and search engine. This extension offers you to “get access to the latest information on celebrities.” A scrollable bar appears at the bottom of your browser window with thumbnails of celebrity-related articles. And, of course, you are also provided with the “good old” Ask.com search tool. But, unfortunately, we must tell you that you should not trust the search results because Celebrities by inMind may alter them by inserting third-party ads and links to promote third parties. However, these third parties may not all be reviewed by the publisher, and no responsibility is taken with regard to the content you may be exposed to by clicking on any third-party content offered by this PUP. We advise you to remove Celebrities by inMind and choose a trustworthy search engine instead.

How do I remove Celebrities by inMind?

Since this PUP only affects Google Chrome, all you have to do is reset your browser in order to take care of all the changes that have been made to it by this extension. Please follow our guide below if you are new to this. Also, remember that you can do a lot to protect your PC simply by being more careful about what websites you visit and download software from. Keeping some basic rules of safe web surfing can help you keep your computer clean.

Remove Celebrities by inMind from your browser

Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F and go to Settings.
  2. Click Show advanced settings at the bottom.
  3. Click Reset settings at the bottom.
  4. Click Reset.
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