Angela Merkel Ransomware

What is Angela Merkel Ransomware?

Angela Merkel Ransomware is a dangerous threat targeting users’ personal files. Of course, Angela Merkel has nothing to do with it. This infection has been called like this only because it uses a picture of this political figure. According to experts working at, it is very likely that Angela Merkel Ransomware is not exactly new even though it has been detected recently. Specialists say that it might be very true that this computer infection is based on the engine of Exotic Ransomware, which was quite prevalent some time ago. At the time of writing, it seems that Angela Merkel Ransomware is still in development because it does not work properly. Unfortunately, it does not mean that it will leave your files unencrypted. It is not so hard to understand why file-encrypting ransomware infections act the way they do – they are tools that help cyber criminals extort money from users. In the case of Angela Merkel Ransomware, users cannot send the required money even if they want to because cyber criminals have forgotten to leave their Bitcoin address. In other words, it is impossible to make a payment. Of course, you might be reading this article because you have encountered a new fixed version of Angela Merkel Ransomware. In such a case, you should not spend your money on an expensive decryption key cyber criminals might not even have too.testtest

What does Angela Merkel Ransomware do?

Angela Merkel Ransomware does not try to hide on the computer it infiltrates. There are threats that start working after some time, but this ransomware infection is not one of them. Once it successfully enters the system, it immediately starts encrypting files using AES (a strong encryption algorithm). The file is encrypted if its name is changed and it has the extension .angelamerkel appended. First of all, this computer infection checks and then encrypts files it manages to find in %USERPROFILE%\Desktop. Then, it continues working and encrypts files in %USERPROFILE% and its all subfolders. Finally, it scans %USERPROFILE%\Desktop again. When all important users’ files are encrypted, it then opens a window with the picture of Angela Merkel. It contains the following message:

All your files are encrypted

Pay 1200 € In BTC to my wallet

To get your decryption key

Dont know where to buy Bitcoin then go to

As has already been mentioned, Angela Merkel Ransomware does not provide the Bitcoin address, so it is impossible to transfer money to cyber criminals. Actually, you do not even need to do that because it might be possible to get those files back without the private key. It will be very easy to restore the encrypted data if you have a backup of your files on external storage. If not, you will have to wait until researchers develop a tool for decrypting files. We cannot promise that this will happen soon, but you should definitely not rush to delete your encrypted files. Instead, go to remove Angela Merkel Ransomware from your system.

Where does Angela Merkel Ransomware come from?

It is not known much about the distribution of this computer infection; however, it is evident that it enters computers without permission. According to specialists, it might be very true that it is distributed in spam emails. Just like other ransomware infections, it, most probably, travels as an email attachment. Since it does not look harmful, people open it without fear. Luckily (if we can say that), Angela Merkel Ransomware only encrypts files and opens a window when it enters the computer. Unlike similar threats, it does not make modifications in the system registry, does not leave files, and, finally, does not lock the screen or block system utilities. This means that it should not be extremely hard to erase this computer infection from the system.

How do I delete Angela Merkel Ransomware?

The deletion of Angela Merkel Ransomware should not be postponed because launching this infection again will result in the encryption of personal files. Researchers know that you do not want to lose your files again, so they have made the step-by-step instructions that will, hopefully, help you to fully eliminate this infection. Users who do not trust themselves very much can go for the automatic removal of this threat. It is very important to fully delete this infection, so it is highly recommended to use a reputable malware remover too, e.g. SpyHunter. Get its free version by clicking on the button you will find below our manual removal instructions.

Angela Merkel Ransomware removal instructions

  1. Locate the malicious file you have downloaded and opened (check Desktop and %USERPROFILE%\Downloads).
  2. Delete it.
  3. Empty the Recycle bin.
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