Amnesia 2 Ransomware

What is Amnesia 2 Ransomware?

Amnesia 2 Ransomware is a dangerous hit to your computer and to you as well, as this vicious program can encrypt most of your files once it is initiated on your system. This malicious threat can sneak onto your system without your permission and knowledge. Our malware specialists at say that this is a Delphi-based ransomware just like RSUTILS Ransomware and Extractor Ransomware. After this attack, you are offered a way out by buying a decryptor that can allegedly restore your files. These criminals demand a rather high amount for this tool and to be quite frank, there is a chance that you will not even get it even if you transfer the ransom fee. Instead, we advise you to search the web for a free tool to recover your files, which you may find in this case. However, if you are not an experienced user, we suggest that you ask a friend or an IT expert to help you out with this because it is quite easy to infect your system with more threats if you land on the wrong site or download the wrong tool. If you have not launched the malicious file yet, we highly recommend that you remove Amnesia 2 Ransomware from your system. If it has already hit you, it most likely removed itself after it finished its job.

Where does Amnesia 2 Ransomware come from?

There are basically two ways for this ransomware program to appear on your system. First, it can come as a file attachment in a spam e-mail. This attachment can look like a normal image, video, document, or .zip file with the respective icon and all. However, this is usually an executable file that actually initiates this attack once you click to open it. Of course, now you would think to yourself why you would open such a file in the first place. Well, let us assure you that these criminals know exactly how to create convincing spam e-mails to fool even more experience users as well. This spam can pretend to come from totally authentic-looking officials and companies that you would not even doubt for a second. Some of these may actually be real names and e-mail addresses so if you checked them out in Google, you would find that these are existing ones. The biggest trick here is probably the subject field, which generally refers to a matter that may draw the victims’ attention right away. This can be an unsettled invoice, an undelivered parcel, an unpaid speeding ticket, or issues with your credit card. Finding such a mail would probably make you wonder.

However, when you open this spam, you will find no usable information and no details. There will only be a link or a message to view the attached file for more information. This is why most victims save this file and launch it. However, instead of the promised information or proof of the unsettled invoice they simply activate this malicious attack. You must remember that by the time you think of deleting Amnesia 2 Ransomware, your files will be all encrypted and rendered useless. This time you may be in the luck if you can recover your files by finding a free tool on the net but what is going to happen next time you are hit with a ransomware that cannot be cracked?

Another possible way to get infected with this threat is via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) attack. This usually means that these cyber criminals find a way to hack into your system by using remote desktop software and breaking weak passwords. Crooks may use brute force attack to figure out your password or sometimes even social engineering tricks. Once they can access your computer remotely, they can install and launch this ransomware and by the time you realize what has happened, it will be too late.

How does Amnesia 2 Ransomware work?

This malware infection is known to target a great number of file extensions; therefore, it will most likely encrypt all your photos, videos, audio files, documents, databases, and more. This could have a devastating effect on your system. It is essential that you keep a backup copy of your important and personal files either in cloud storage or on a portable hard disk because this could be the only way for you to save yourself from similar attacks and their consequences. Your encrypted files get a new name with random alphanumeric characters and a new extension. The latter can either be “.01” or “.02”; therefore, the new file may look something like “3w000000002-HXHJsGRWVDQfY8noDv79.02.” This infection also drops a ransom note file called “RECOVER-FILES.HTML” to all affected folders.

Once the encryption is over, the ransom note pops up on your screen. This tells you about the fact that your files have been locked and that you have to pay 0.5 BTC (1,365 US dollars at current rate) to buy a decryptor that can restore your files. Once you transfer this fee, you can enter your e-mail address into the provided field and you will get the decryptor in a reply message; at least, this is what these criminals want you to believe. In order to convince you, they even offer you the chance to send them one file to decrypt with the “RECOVER-FILES.HTML” ransom note. You are supposed to use the provided form to do so. You are given 2 days to transfer the money, after which the price soars up to 1 BTC (2,730 USD). We do not recommend that you pay any money to these criminals as there may be a way for you to remove Amnesia 2 Ransomware without hurting your files.

How can I delete Amnesia 2 Ransomware?

As a matter of fact, as we have already mentioned, this ransomware seems to delete itself right after the encryption is finished. Therefore, there is not much left to remove apart from the ransom note files. However, if you are lucky enough not to have run the malicious executable, this is the time to delete the downloaded file, too. Please follow our instructions below if you are ready to act. We believe that it is essential that you protect your system from similar dangerous threats because such a ransomware can cause irrevocable damage to your files and your system. This time you may be able to recover your files if you find the right tool on the web or if you have a backup copy. But what about next time? We advise you to employ a powerful up-to-date anti-malware program (e.g., SpyHunter) to be on the safe side.

Remove Amnesia 2 Ransomware from Windows

  1. Press Win+E to launch File Explorer.
  2. Search for any recently downloaded suspicious files and bin them.
  3. Delete all ransom notes (“RECOVER-FILES.HTML”) from the infected folders.
  4. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  5. Restart your PC. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Amnesia 2 Ransomware*

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