1-855-556-1624 Driver_irol_not_less_or_equal

What is 1-855-556-1624 Driver_irol_not_less_or_equal?

Do not panic if you ever find the 1-855-556-1624 Driver_irol_not_less_or_equal error on top of Desktop because its presence does not immediately show that there is some kind of serious computer problem that needs to be solved. Instead, the presence of the 1-855-556-1624 Driver_irol_not_less_or_equal window covering the screen usually indicates only these two things: a) you have ended up on an untrustworthy website showing the fake alert or b) malicious software has entered your computer and then placed a fake error on Desktop in order no longer allow you to use the computer and, at the same time, convince you to take your phone and contact technical support. You definitely do not need to do that because the error you see is fake, and it is only shown to users to scare them into calling support. Unfortunately, many users do not understand that and make a call. Nobody blames those users because the fake 1-855-556-1624 Driver_irol_not_less_or_equal error might really look at first sight like a genuine Blue Screen of Death shown by the Windows OS when a serious system error occurs. Since you already know that there is no point in believing any word written on the fake blue window, you should go to remove it so that it would be possible to use the computer freely again. Unfortunately, the removal process will not be very easy since malware responsible for placing this fake window on Desktop has made several changes on the computer. Continue reading to find out more about the malicious software and its deletion.test

What does 1-855-556-1624 Driver_irol_not_less_or_equal do?

1-855-556-1624 Driver_irol_not_less_or_equal is a fake window placed by malware on users’ Desktops. The so-called TechSupport scam (specialists have put this malware into this category) locks the screen with a window similar to the genuine BSOD window shown by Windows OS not without reason. The main goal of cyber criminals is to scare users into dialing the provided telephone number 1-855-566-1624 in order to get help from “experienced technicians.” If you make a call, you might be offered to pay for the service. To be frank, you should not send money because your payment details will appear in the hands of scammers and they might try to get personal details about you and your activities. Last but not least, in the opinion of specialists working at anti-spyware-101.com, there is no point in sending money to get the fake window removed when it is possible to do that without the special tool or other peoples’ help. We cannot promise that it will be very easy, but, at least, you will not reveal valuable information about yourself and will not support scammers.

Specialists have found that the 1-855-556-1624 Driver_irol_not_less_or_equal window is not the only one containing the 1-855-556-1624 telephone number. According to specialists, it might be found on web forums too. It is advertised there as technical support that helps people to solve problems associated with the Gmail account. Our experts do not think that people working there can help you. It is more likely that they will take money from you for nothing, steal your password and login, or start sending spam emails instead. As you can see, we are strictly against dialing telephone numbers provided on fake windows.

Where does 1-855-556-1624 Driver_irol_not_less_or_equal come from?

The fake 1-855-556-1624 Driver_irol_not_less_or_equal error has locked your Desktop because a malicious application has successfully entered your computer. It could have entered together with freeware in a software bundle, you could have allowed it to enter your PC by clicking on some kind of bad link on the web, or, finally, existing malware could have downloaded it on your PC without permission. Either way, this malicious software has to be eliminated to unlock the screen. It has been found that it creates a new folder with files, a new process, and a new Value on the infected computer, so do not expect that it will be a piece of cake to make it gone.

How to remove 1-855-556-1624 Driver_irol_not_less_or_equal

As you already know, malware enters computers secretly, applies changes on the computer, and then places a fake window on Desktop to make users believe that some kind of PC issue has emerged and it needs to be fixed. You should start the removal process by booting into Safe Mode with Networking. After doing that, you could decide whether to get rid of malware manually or automatically. Find the manual removal instructions below this paragraph; however, if you decide to clean the computer in an automatic way, you should go to acquire a reputable malware remover.

Remove 1-855-556-1624 Driver_irol_not_less_or_equal

Start your Windows in Safe Mode with Networking

Windows 8, 8.1, 10

  1. Hold the Shift key on your keyboard and click Power.
  2. Click Restart.
  3. When you see Choose an option, select Troubleshoot.
  4. Select Advanced options.
  5. Click Startup Settings.
  6. Click the Restart button.
  7. Press F5 on your keyboard.
  8. Wait for Safe Mode with Networking to start.

Windows XP, 7, Vista

  1. Restart your PC and then start tapping the button F8 which you can find on your keyboard.
  2. Select Safe Mode with Networking from the menu using arrow keys (they are on your keyboard).
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Wait until your Windows OS loads up.

Remove malware manually

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc simultaneously to open the Task Manager.
  2. Find and select the process SBSCP.exe.
  3. Right-click on this process and click End Process to kill it.
  4. Open the Windows Explorer (Win+E).
  5. Type %PROGRAMFILES% or %PROGRAMFILES(x86)% in the URL bar at the top.
  6. Locate the folder VinCE. Delete it.
  7. Close the Windows Explorer and tap Win+R.
  8. Type regedit and click OK.
  9. Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.
  10. Right-click on the Value having the name Vince (it will have the Value data C:\Program Files (x86)\VinCE\SBSCP.exe).
  11. Select Delete.
  12. Restart the computer.
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