Random Audio Ads

What is Random Audio Ads?

Random Audio Ads are computer infections which are typically regarded as harmless; however, the truth is that audio ads should be removed once noticed on the machine. Random audio ads are not necessarily visible, and the user only hears voice commercials. If only a commercial is heard, that does not mean that there is nothing more behind it. Audio advertisements can bring more infections to the system; hence, only an automatic removal of random audio ads is recommended so that all possible infections are detected and deleted from the system.

When the system is infected with random audio ads, the voice of a speaker is present even if the internet browser is closed. It applies to all internet browsers. Moreover, depending on how sophisticated the infection is, it may redirect search results to particular websites selected by remote attackers. Additionally, this type of infection may change your browser’s homepage and be the cause of your machine’s slowdown. There are some cases detected, when a user’s browser and system of the computer did not have any noticeable changes except annoying audio advertisements. However, if you notice that besides having redirected search results and slow performance of you PC you can hear random audio ads, you should launch an in-depth scan to find and removed the infection.

As audio ads can be related to other infection of the system, do not delete them manually, because there may be many latent components that should be removed so that the infections are deleted completely. Therefore, use a legitimate spyware removal tool, and all complex operations will be performed for you automatically.

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