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Microcosm New Tab

If you notice that when opening a new tab in your Google Chrome browser the Microcosm New Tab appears, you should know that there is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) on board. This potentially risky browser extension could be installed via software bundles that could contain malicious programs apart from other PUPs. Of course, you can also download this application from official sources but finding such a tool spreading in questionable ways raises some questions about its reliability. Our malware specialists at anti-spyware-101.com say that this PUP might introduce you to questionable third-party ads and links as well as manipulated search results which all can make your computer more vulnerable. We do not claim that this extension is the most severe danger you can encounter; still, we recommend that you remove Microcosm New Tab from your PC because it may not be as beneficial and reliable as it might seem to you. Please read our full report on this PUP if you want to understand our verdict better and if you want to know how you can avoid similar or even more dangerous threats. Read more »

Quick Search

Quick Search came to our attention when we noticed it being distributed with a browser hijacker called Search.searchetan.com. As we tested the extension, we saw it might change user’s browser preferences and provide him with a doubtful search engine that might display modified results. These qualities and some other reasons we will explain later in the article allowed us to categorize the tool as a potentially unwanted program. It means the software is not malicious, but it may have undesirable qualities and its usage could be possibly dangerous. For more information about Quick Search we encourage you to read the rest of our report, although if you wish to get rid of the application immediately, you could slide below the article and remove the extension with our provided manual deletion instructions. Read more »


Search.searchquicks.com is a questionable tool that we advise you to avoid at all times even though it is advertised as a great tool. Its developers present it as an application that should improve your overall online experience as it should present you with an enhanced ability to search the web. While it might seem like a tool worthy of having active on your PC, you should know that in this application has been classified as one more potentially unwanted program that you should avoid at all times. It is important to do so because the questionable program is fully capable of making invasive changes to your web browser's default settings without any notification or authorization. Find out more about the inner workings of this suspicious program by reading our report. Alongside such important information, we present a detailed removal guide that will help you delete Search.searchquicks.com in just a few simple steps. Read more »

Adblocker For Youtube

Adblocker For Youtube may not be a harmful application, but our specialists do not consider it trustworthy either since they classify it as a potentially unwanted program. Software that falls into this category usually has undesirable qualities, which make the user want to get rid of the tool. In this case, it was noticed the extension might be spread with similarly unreliable freeware. Plus, even though it should work as an ad blocker, there is a chance the application itself could be showing third-party advertisements. Therefore, we advise you no to trust Adblocker For Youtube and read more about it before deciding whether it is a smart idea to leave it unattended. Those who are already determined to eliminate it, we advise you to follow the deletion steps available below this report. Of course, if you wish to get to know this potentially unwanted program better, we urge you to keep reading the article. Read more »


Fileplus is a free software program that enables computer users to download Torrent files file, including music, games, movies and software. This peer-to-peer file sharing software falls to the category of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). Such programs are not considered as highly dangerous, but they may be employed by black hat hackers to gain benefits from home computers and their users. In order to prevent potential harm, our team at Anti-Spyware-101.com recommends that you remove Fileplus from the computer without further delay. At first sight, the Fileplus programs looks like a user-friendly tool; it even has its official website fileplus.org. However, the program can get installed from different sources and without your permission, which is another reason why you should not hesitate to remove it from the computer. Read more »

New Tab Minimal

At first sight, New Tab Minimal might seem like a great application. Its developers highlight such features as customizability along with ease of use. Quite a few users are tempted into obtaining and installing this tool without full comprehension in regards to its functionality. After an in-depth analysis, malware experts working at our internal labs have classified this application as one more potentially unwanted program. As it turns out this questionable application can alter your overall online experience for the worse. Another major reason it has been classified in such a way is its dubious distribution. To learn more about all of this and to understand why our researcher advises you to remove New Tab Minimal, be sure to read the rest of our detailed report. Alongside such information, we also present a comprehensive removal guide that you should use get rid of this questionable program in just a few simple steps. Read more »

Registry Scanner

Who would not like to have an application like Registry Scanner claims to be, i.e., one that can allegedly boost your PC performance, improve its effectiveness and strength simply by cleaning up invalid registry entries and Internet junk? The truth is that most of these registry cleaner and supposed PC optimizer applications end up in the potentially unwanted program (PUP) category once they are thoroughly tested. This software had the same fate. Although we cannot say that this PUP is dangerous in any way or that it poses a direct threat to you or to your computer, our malware specialists have found that it is not at all reliable when it comes to displaying registry scan results and pushing you to buy the full version. We believe that this software is unreliable and totally useless for you as no registry cleaners have been proved to actually improve performance, not to mention that it seems that Microsoft does not approve of such tools either. All in all, we suggest that you remove Registry Scanner from your system because it usually does not end well if even one single unwanted program enjoys your hospitality for too long. Read more »


EZSearch is a dubious piece of software targeting Google Chrome users. Once it finds a way to sneak on a user’s computer, it immediately makes modifications on the system so that it could load its own extension and open a search URL it promotes. Although it cannot be called a malicious application, it is, surely, not a program users should trust or keep installed on their systems. Researchers believe that the best place for it is a category of potentially unwanted programs. This label has been attached to it because it is not a malicious application, but it cannot be called a trustworthy piece of software either. Potentially unwanted applications are, of course, far from harmful threats like Trojans or ransomware infections, but their presence might still have negative outcomes, so it is advisable not to let them stay active. If you continue reading this article, you will find an explanation why researchers have come to a decision to classify it as a PUP. Additionally, we promise to tell you more about its removal and provide several pieces of advice to help you ensure the maximum protection of your computer. Read more »


It is not a surprise Y2Go was categorized as a potentially unwanted program as it might collect various personal and anonymous information related to the user’s browsing habits or submitted on visited web pages. What’s more, our researchers Anti-spyware-101.com would like to warn users that the application could enter the system without them realizing it, although most likely with their help. If you wish to know more details about this potentially unwanted program we recommend reading the full article; it will explain to you how the threat could be distributed and how it may work after entering the system. After reading the text, we would also encourage you to eliminate Y2Go for safety precautions. If you decide to use our advice, we can offer the deletion instructions placed below the report. Read more »

My Games Classics New Tab

My Games Classics New Tab is an application targeted at frequent online gamers as its developers present it to be a tool that allows you to play your favorite Flash-based games right within your browser's tabs. It sure sounds like a program that would be fun to have. Quite a few users download and install it expecting it to function just like that. Read more »