Happysearch.org is presented for users as a reputable search provider, but, in reality, it is a doubtful domain. Our researchers at anti-spyware-101.com cannot call this page fully trustworthy because a) it usually shows up in the place of a homepage on all web browsers without the user’s knowledge and b) it seems that it might display the modified search results too. Without a doubt, Happysearch.org cannot be compared to harmful malicious applications, but it is always a bad idea to keep a search tool that has shown up on browsers without permission. Browser hijackers are, surely, not ordinary applications, so their removal is usually quite complicated too. Of course, there is no need to worry this time because this article contains information about its removal. Before we talk about how to erase it, we want to let you know how this browser hijacker acts. Read more »

AngryKite Ransomware

AngryKite Ransomware is yet another ransomware infection that will enter your computer unexpectedly. The problem with such infections is that users often end up installing them on their computers accidentally when they do not even realize it. In this description, we will tell you more about this program, and we will also show you how to remove AngryKite Ransomware from your computer. Such programs may not offer you the option of reverting the infection symptoms, but that does not mean you should succumb to their threats and give everything away. If you want to spend your money on something, then you should invest in a licensed antispyware tool. Read more »

Rijndael Ransomware

Rijndael Ransomware is a computer infection developed by the author who calls himself/herself humanpuff69. It seems to be a new version of Dnransomware Steps, which was spotted by our malware analysts in January 2017. Although it is a newly-detected computer infection, it seems that it has borrowed a working scheme from other ransomware infections because it does not differ from them in any way. After tricking users into downloading it, this malicious application finds files stored on the computer and then encrypts them all. It always acts the same unless a user downloads a corrupted malicious file. If you suspect that this ransomware-type infection is inside your computer too, delete it no matter it has encrypted your files or not. It will be slightly more difficult to do that if it has “locked” your Desktop, but, with our help, its removal should not be a task that is impossible to accomplish. Read more »


Have you found InitialSite123.com greeting you when you launch your favorite browser? If that surprises you, it is possible that your browser was hijacked. If you are not surprised, you must have agreed to modify your homepage. Were you pushed to install the search tool along with some other program? Have you downloaded other programs bundled with it? If the hijacker is active, it is most likely that other unreliable pieces of software can be found on your operating system as well. Anti-Spyware-101.com research team warns that every single threat must be taken seriously. Although some are less dangerous than others, they are dangerous, and that is what you need to keep in mind. We can help you delete InitialSite123.com along with all other undesirable threats, and all you need to do right now is read this report. We discuss the activity of the hijacker, as well as the removal process of all active threats. Read more »


Officially, WikiThemes is a dedicated Internet search application that is supposed to be an alternative to your web browser. However, you might consider removing it because it is next to useless. Our cyber security experts have concluded that this program is not malicious, but it can be installed on your PC without your knowledge or consent because it comes bundled with third-party software installers that can install it on your PC while installing other software. We know for sure that you will not benefit from having this program whatsoever, but if you need proof, then you can read this whole description and find out. Read more »

LiveRadioSweeper Toolbar

LiveRadioSweeper Toolbar is a newly-released product of Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. Although it has been developed recently, it seems that it has already shown up on a number of computers, judging from all these complaints users make. Some people believe that this piece of software is very beneficial and download it from liveradiosweeper.com/index.jhtml or a third-party website voluntarily, whereas others find it installed on their computers without their knowledge. LiveRadioSweeper Toolbar is just a potentially unwanted program (PUP), so it is not very likely that it is capable of entering computers silently without telling anything to anyone. In any event, do not even consider whether you should keep this application installed or not if you do not like it for any reason or you have not installed it willingly on your computer. Potentially unwanted programs are not hard to erase because they are far from real malicious applications (malware). Unfortunately, researchers still associate them with certain issues, which is why keeping them installed is not recommended. Read more »

Video Box Ads

Video Box Ads are irritating commercial advertisements coming from an application VideoBox. It works as a tool for downloading videos from popular third-party websites, so users see these irritating ads only when they use the service it provides. Although the program displaying commercial advertisements on users’ Desktops works in a useful way, it, unfortunately, cannot be called a fully trustworthy application for downloading content from third-party pages. The presence of Video Box Ads should be blamed for this. It is not likely at all that it is going to change, so you will be forced to solve a real dilemma about whether to delete this piece of software from the system or not. Keeping it will allow you to easily download videos from the web, but, on the other hand, this means that Video Box Ads will show up on your computer’s screen every day. These ads should not be called malicious. Instead, specialists refer to them as “potentially dangerous.” As you could have understood, researchers have a negative opinion about ads Video Box displays. Read more »

eAdvisor Ads

As you can probably tell from its name eAdvisor Ads is a program that has something to do with advertising. And, indeed, showing commercial ads is all this program can do. The ads are annoying and can pose a risk to your computer’s security. We suggest that you remove it from your computer as soon as you can because it is clear as day that it will not do anything to improve your shopping experience, it will show you the same ads over and over again to generate clicks that make its developers money. Indeed, making money is this program’s only objective, so do not expect it to provide you with a useful service. Read more »

CreateDocsOnline Toolbar

CreateDocsOnline Toolbar is a new product of Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. As a consequence, it has been put into the category of Mindspark Toolbars. Like other applications developed by this company, it is promoted as a useful tool. It claims to be a free alternative to MS Office programs. To be frank, it works quite well. Users can access Zoho tools for creating documents in different formats (e.g. .pptx, .pdf, .txt, .odt, and others) online. Therefore, specialists do not think that it would be fair to call it a malicious application. In their opinion, the more suitable category for CreateDocsOnline Toolbar would be a potentially unwanted program (PUP) because it does not do anything really harmful, but it still cannot be trusted fully and might be associated with certain issues. If you are still not sure what to do with this potentially unwanted application installed on your computer, you should continue reading this article – the provided information will help you to make up your mind. Read more »


Initialpage123.com is a browser hijacker that is believed to come from the ELEX family. Anti-Spyware-101.com malware researchers have discussed plenty of other hijackers from this family, some of which include Youndoo.com, Amisites.com, and Trotux.com. Unfortunately, in most cases, the victims of these threats let them in themselves, in which case, it might be harder for them to recognize the risks associated with their activity. Should you delete these suspicious search tools? Of course, you should, and if you are not sure why, this article should shed some light on the matter. We discuss the distribution of malware, its activity, and, of course, its elimination. If you want to learn how to remove Initialpage123.com from your browsers, you should keep reading. Just keep in mind that it might be a bad idea to focus solely on this hijacker because other threats are likely to be present on your operating system as well. Due to this, we suggest scanning your operating system first. Read more »