Disk Optimizer

Disk Optimizer may be defined as a rogue which will cause chaos to your computer system when you least expect it. Basically Disk Optimizer operates by making use of all types of methods in order to convince users that their computer systems are infected with all types of threats. This is a big scam which the creators hope will get you to buy the full version which in reality does not exist and is part of a malicious plan in order to steal your cash. Read more »

Windows System Optimizator

Windows System Optimizator is a new fake antispyware software. Although there are many fake applications familiar to Windows System Optimizator, this one is far more advanced and very hard to beat. Do not let the name convince you otherwise as Windows System Optimizator is dangerous and will not bring any good to your computer, your bank balance or your life. Read more »

Good Memory

If Good Memory is a software you have just found on Your computer, please be aware! It is a worthless tool that is unable of running any real computer tasks. Good Memory is very similar to many other disk-fixing software’s mentioned on our site lately, and just like all of them, it uses unethical and aggressive tactics to scare computer users and force them into purchasing a full version. Read more »

Fast Disk

No rogue disk-fixing application is ever good and Fast Disk is no exception. In fact Fast Disk is extremely bad and will make use of all types of harmful tricks and tactics in order to try and make you believe that your PC is infected. This has all been conjured up by malicious people who made Fast Disk and who will do anything and everything in order to obtain your money. Do not be fooled by false computer security notifications which alert you to various threats which you have on your machine because the truth of the matter is that you don't have any threats on system except for the harmful Fast Disk itself. Read more »


HDD OK is a fake disk repair software reporting fake hard drive errors as well as other system erros. It is usually distributed through a trojan which trick users into installing this fake software. Just after installation HDD OK will run a disk scan and will report many errors and will require to buy a full version. HDD OK will also show various warning messages that look just like real Windows messages related to Your computer. Read more »

System Pro 2011

System Pro 2011 is the malware program spreading around the web all around the world. Firstly, everyone should know that System Pro 2011 is a fake software and has no real functions to scan and delete computer infections. Furthermore, System Pro 2011 is usually installed either through browser security holes or by using a Trojan which usually gets into a machine through spam e-mail messages, or by installing hacked software. Read more »

PC Security 2011

Steer well clear of PC Security 2011. This harmful and seditious rogue antispyware application is a fake security tool only out to fleece you out of your money. PC Security 2011 does not own the ability to diagnose, quarantine or remove any threats from your PC, and is nothing more than a harmful infection itself. Many users continue to fall prey to the deceitful lies of PC Security 2011, and many of its victims claimed they didn’t even know how PC Security 2011 infiltrated their systems. PC Security 2011 is distributed via bundled Trojan and malware downloads from third party websites, as well as criminal websites which market this rogue. Read more »

AntiVirus System 2011

Do not trust anything to do with AntiVirus System 2011. This harmful and deceitful rogue antispyware product has nothing good to offer, and will not live up to any of its over embellished promises. AntiVirus System 2011 does not offer any benefit to an infected PC, and will definitely do more harm than good. AntiVirus System 2011 is spread with the help of illicit websites which make use of drive-by download techniques and seditious Trojans and malwares which bundles themselves with third party updates and downloads. Users who did not remove AntiVirus System 2011 in time reported various disturbing symptoms of the AntiVirus System 2011 infection. Read more »

Memory Fixer

It would seem the developers behind Memory Fixer, a rogue antispyware application have no qualms about sinking to new depths of depravity in their campaign to fleece consumers out of their money. Many unsuspecting and naive and inexperienced PC owners still fall for Memory Fixer’s deceptively genuine looking user interfaces and clever online marketing campaigns. Do not make the mistake of trusting these criminals; rather delete Memory Fixer from your system before it’s too late. Read more »

Palladium Pro

Palladium Pro is a fake security software which also goes by the name Palladium Antivirus. This software was intentionally created to invade a computer through various security holes. Some people get infected by clicking on tricky pop-up's, others try to install some kind of untrustworthy video codec. Some even get e-mails from what seems to be a courier company, but the message includes a document which is infected with a trojan. Read more »