Kampret Ransomware

If the malicious Kampret Ransomware has invaded your operating system, your personal files are now likely to have the “.lockednikampret” extension appended to them. This indicates that the file was encrypted, and, unfortunately, you cannot decrypt it yourself. The infection encrypts the targeted files – such as photos, media files, and documents – using the AES encryption algorithm, and you need a special decryption key to unlock them. So, how do you get this key? Unfortunately, it is in the hands of the cyber criminals who have created the devious ransomware. Can you convince them to just give this key to you? It seems like you cannot because the infection was created to coerce you into paying money for it, and so you are expected to open your wallet. Regrettably, we cannot guarantee that you would be able to decrypt all of the corrupted files even if you paid the ransom. Whether or not you follow the instructions of cyber criminals and get your files back, deleting Kampret Ransomware is crucial, and you can continue reading to learn how to get rid of this malicious threat. Read more »


SurFilters is a browser extension that can allegedly filter search engines not to display any inappropriate content, such as pornography-related websites, as results. The problem is that our malware researchers have found that this tool installs its search engine as your home page, new tab page as well as your default search engine. This search engine has proved to be potentially unreliable and thus may pose a threat to your system security. Although this particular potentially unwanted program, or PUP, may only affect your Google Chrome browser, it may enter your computer in a free software package that could contain more serious threats as well. According to our malware researchers, you should remove SurFilters if you do not want to face additional security-related issues. Please keep reading for further details. Read more »

Yoga New Tab

Yoga New Tab is a devious program that we highly advise you to avoid at all costs. Even though this application is advertised as a great tool that should improve your overall online experience, you must be aware of the fact that in reality, it does the opposite of that. During our research, it has been discovered that it can make invasive and undesirable changes to your web browser's default settings. This can make surfing the web an annoying and bothersome experience. Due to such intrusive functionality our malware experts have classified it as one more potentially unwanted program that should not be active on your personal computer. To understand why we advise you to delete Yoga New Tab without any hesitation, make sure to read the rest of this report. Below you will find detailed instructions that will help you terminate this dubious program in a quick and easy manner. Read more »

PC Reg Boost

Research has shown that PC Reg Boost is an annoying and possibly unreliable program. It is not malware, yet it shows annoying pop-up windows that you cannot close, so our malware analysts have classified it as a potentially unwanted program. Therefore, you might want to remove it, but it seems that this program’s scan results are reliable, so it can clean up your PC a little bit. However, the annoying thing is that its developers have made this program to show you the pop-up messages and obstruct you computing experience because they are desperate and want you to buy the program or call their tech support number. Read more »


Search.pandaviewer.com can most likely appear in your Google Chrome browser upon launch, i.e., as your homepage, if it has been installed by a potentially unwanted application called PandaViewer. Since this potentially unreliable search engine can change your browser settings, our malware experts at anti-spyware-101.com have categorized it as a browser hijacker. Due to the fact that this undesirable software that promotes this hijacker may be distributed in questionable ways, it is possible that a couple of malware threats also entered your system along with this infection. While this search engine page may look all innocent and reliable, you should know that it may gather information about you and may also expose you to potentially harmful third-party content. Engaging with such content could result in more serious threats on board or being scammed by crooks on fake websites. Therefore, we suggest that you take action as soon as possible and remove Search.pandaviewer.com from your browser. Read more »


Dima Kadima is a browser extension which promises to make it possible to “search for and take the most interesting quizzes”, but, in reality, it sets Dimakadima.com (home.dimakadima.com) which becomes the default homepage and search provider. Judging from the Add To Chrome button on its official website dimakadima.com and its availability at the Chrome Web store, this browser extension works on Google Chrome only. If it is the browser you use every day too, it will not be long before you notice changes applied to your browser. Most probably, the presence of Dimakadima.com will not surprise you at all if you have downloaded and installed the Dima Kadima extension willingly from any of its official sources. Of course, it will be the opposite if you are sure that you have not clicked on the Download button with the intention of getting it. In this case, it is very likely that this undesirable browser extension promoting a search tool set on your Google Chrome browser has found a way how to enter the system without permission. It is up to you whether to let it stay or not, but you should be aware of the fact that the search tool set on your browsers is not 100% trustworthy. Read what specialists working at anti-spyware-101.com have to say about it in the following paragraphs and then make the final decision yourself. Read more »

My Web Shield

If you are looking for a free tool that could protect you against malicious content, My Web Shield might seem like a great option. Of course, it is unlikely that you will encounter this advertising-supported program after doing extensive research. On the contrary, you are likely to face it when installing something completely different. That is because this adware is mainly spread by third-party distributors who operate software bundles to spread as many suspicious programs at the same time as possible. Is it possible that much more malicious programs were installed along with the suspicious program dubbed as the Modern Network Protection Tool? Do not rush to say that malicious infections do not exist just because you do not see them. Anti-Spyware-101.com malware research team recommends employing a malware scanner to inspect your operating system and inform you if you need to remove any threats. Hopefully, that is not the case, and you can focus on deleting My Web Shield. Read more »

The Coupon Store

An application entitled The Coupon Store is advertised as a tool that frequent online shoppers should have active on their PC. This is so because it should provide free discount coupons. While this might seem like a tool worthy of having, you should know that the overall functionality of this program is rather questionable. Upon further examination, it has been discovered that it can act in an invasive manner. As it turns out it is capable of making unwanted changes to your web browser's default settings without any warning whatsoever. Due to this, our researchers have classified this application as one more potentially unwanted program. Another reason it has been categorized this way because it could be distributed in devious ways. Read our report to understand why we advise you to remove The Coupon Store if it is ever found up and running on your personal computer. Read more »

'Notice From Microsoft Corporation' Ransomware

If you suddenly got a full-screen message “Notice from Microsoft Corporation” and you cannot turn it off, then your PC has become infected with 'Notice From Microsoft Corporation' Ransomware. You must remove this malware because it was designed to lock your computer’s screen and, allegedly, encrypt your files. Its creators want to extract money from you, but you must not comply with their demands because that will only embolden them. There should be a free unlock/decryption tool underway, and we have composed a manual removal guide that you can find below. So you can emerge from this situation without sustaining any damage and with your money still in your pocket. Read more »


If you have noticed an unusual amount of unwanted third-party web content while you are surfing the web, it might be a major indication that an adware program known as BetterAds is active on your PC. If this happens to be the case, we highly advise you to take immediate action to delete it. It is important to do so because this ad-supported program exhibits quite a few invasive features. Unfortunately, quite a few users are simply tricked into downloading and installing it because it is advertised as a useful tool that you should have active on your PC to receive targeted ads and coupons, which should improve your overall online shopping experience. The reality is rather different since it will only cause annoyance and frustration every single time you will surf the web. To learn more about BetterAds and how you can get rid of it in a quick and easy manner, make sure to read the rest of our report. Read more »