Pr0tector Ransomware

Pr0tector Ransomware is a threat that might enter the system and encipher all important data without you even realizing it. The malicious application could target files like photographs, pictures, archives, videos, different types of documents, etc. Thus, by the time the malware finishes its work the user might be unable to access any of his private files. By enciphering your data, the cyber criminals take it as a hostage so they could try to extort money from you. At this point, we would like to warn you that paying the ransom might be hazardous, as there are no reassurances these hackers will provide you with the decryption tools. In other words, if you make the transfer there is a chance the invested money might be lost in vain. Instead of making any rash decisions, we advise reading the rest of our report to find out more about Pr0tector Ransomware. If in the end, you choose to refuse the malware’s creators, we offer the deletion instructions placed below. Read more »

QuickWeatherTracker Toolbar

QuickWeatherTracker Toolbar is a potentially unwanted program. A potentially unwanted program is a type of application that does not pose a severe threat to your computer’s security, but usually, users do not understand how come they have this program installed. It might have entered the system accidentally together with some other application. There are also several security issues associated with such programs, so if you care about your system’s safety (and you most certainly do), you will see to it that QuickWeatherTracker Toolbar gets removed as soon as possible. You have opened the right page because this is what this description is about. Read more » is a suspicious piece of software that you should avoid at all costs. Malware experts at have analyzed it thoroughly and came to a conclusion that it is one more suspicious search engine that should not be active on your personal computer. It is known to make unwanted changes to your web browser's settings without any authorization or notification. It goes without saying that this will have a hugely negative effect on the way you experience the web. In addition to being annoying, this invasive program could also prove to be quite dangerous since it might be the primary reason your operating system could be subjected to suspicious and even malicious web content. To learn in detail about the inner workings of, be sure to read the rest of this report. We also include a detailed removal guide that you should use to regain your web browser's default settings once and for all. Read more »


If you noticed an application called Tlerauic installed, it means your computer might be used for click fraud; a type of fraud that takes place on the Internet in an online advertising model known as pay-per-click. Typically, the website’s owner who promotes such advertising gets paid for each click made by a unique visitor, but programs like Tlerauic can simulate such actions and make it look like the ad was reviewed by the user when in fact the click is made by the application. Under such circumstances, our researchers at decided to classify the software as adware. If you do not want to allow this threat to continue using your computer for click fraud, we advise you to eliminate it without any hesitation. To guide you in this process we are adding instructions showing how to get rid of the adware at the end of the text. Read more »

Kill Error S47452d

Kill Error S47452d is a fake alert that may appear on your screen when your browser has undergone particular modifications. It should be obvious that there is nothing reliable about this fake alert, and the only reason it appears on your screen is money. As you can probably tell, the people behind this notification try to make you think that there is something terribly wrong with your computer, but in reality, that is not the case. You can remove Kill Error S47452d from your system without much difficulty. After that, please be sure to look for other potential threats that might be hiding on your computer. Read more »

Kill Zorro Ransomware

If your computer becomes infected with a ransomware-type application called Kill Zorro Ransomware, then we want to inform you that it will encrypt your personal files and offer you to buy a decryptor to decrypt them. In short, it is a money extortion scheme, and its developers are nothing more than cyber criminals. This particular ransomware is part of the Hidden-Tear ransomware family, so it comes from people that are dedicated to creating highly malicious applications aimed at extorting money from you. In this short description, we will discuss what this ransomware does, how it is distributed, and how you can remove it. So, if your computer has been affected by this ransomware, then we invite you to continue reading. Read more »

Search Anonymo

Search Anonymo is a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. As information on its official sources tells us, it should make it possible to perform web searches anonymously. While ordinary search providers often track personally-identifiable information and a user’s search history, Search Anonymo promises not to store a single detail about users. Judging from a number of users who have already downloaded this extension from the Chrome Web Store, it is not very popular yet, but the situation might quickly change, of course. Do not install it if you have not done that yet because Search Anonymo is not a piece of software that can be fully trusted. Specialists working at cannot confirm or deny whether it allows users to surf the web anonymously or not, but they are sure that Search Anonymo applies changes which many users might find unwanted, and it might even display commercial advertisements for users. These are two main reasons why this browser extension should be removed from the system. Read more »

CyboScan PC Optimizer

CyboScan PC Optimizer is one of those programs that you probably should not have on your computer. The security specialists at say that this program is a potentially unwanted application, and it means that while the program may not be a direct computer security threat, it may still come with certain features you should not tolerate. If this program happens to run on your PC, you should consider removing CyboScan PC Optimizer from the system immediately. For more information on the software removal, please scroll down to the bottom of this description. We have prepared manual removal instructions especially for you. Read more »

Call technical support +1 888-850-8578

Call technical support +1 888-850-8578 is a scam that was designed by malicious schemers. If you have encountered a fake security warning representing the bogus helpline number once, it is most likely that you were redirected to it after clicking a misleading pop-up or visiting a malicious website. However, if the misleading warnings keep reappearing, it is most likely that your operating system is infected with malware that requires immediate removal. According to our malware research team at, it is quite possible that a malicious advertising-supported program is responsible for exposing you to fake security warnings associated with the scam. Obviously, you need to delete Call technical support +1 888-850-8578-related malware – whichever form it comes in – as soon as possible. The information presented in this report should help you get your operating system malware-free in no time. If you want to ask us questions or discuss anything that is mentioned in this article, use the comments feature. Read more »

If you keep being redirected to suspicious pages promoting all kinds of deals, it is possible that is involved. This adware server could be set up to expose you to suspicious ads, surveys, installers, and other offers at specific time intervals. If that is the case, it is also possible that you will find a Task created in %WINDIR%\System32\Tasks. If this task exists, its name should reveal association with the adware server or the advertising-supported program that could be responsible for introducing you to ads hosted on the unreliable adware server. Since adware is likely to be concealed, it might be difficult for you to identify it right away. Do not worry about that. If you continue reading this report, you will learn how to recognize malicious infections, and, most important, remove them from your operating system. We have also created a guide that might help you delete adware. Read more »