Outdated Browser Detected

What is Outdated Browser Detected?

Outdated Browser Detected is a fake alert that appears on your browser’s webpage. It says that your browser is outdated and therefore you need to install an update. However, this application has nothing to do with the official browser updates, and it functions as adware distributor. Therefore, it is important that you ignore this fake alert and close your browser window immediately. You may not have been infected with adware yet, but in order to remove everything that could be related to Outdated Browser Detected, you should consider scanning your PC with a powerful antimalware tool immediately.

Where does Outdated Browser Detected come from?

There are two possible reasons as to why you are seeing this notification. For one, the website you have just accessed might be related to adware distribution, or could have been hacked by a malevolent third party, and therefore you are now displayed this annoying pop-up. In such a case, your computer has not been infected yet, but there is a high chance that you could get infected with adware if you continue doing whatever Outdated Browser Detected says you should do.

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Second, you might have accidentally installed a potentially unwanted program or an adware application that is related to Outdated Browser Detected fake alert, and thus it is now displayed on your browser’s window.

What does Outdated Browser Detected do?

In general, the fake alert is not extremely dangerous. All it does is the display the following message:

Outdated Browser Detected
You are currently using – [browser name – which is now outdated
Please Update The Latest Browser Version (Recommended)

[browser name] Update!
It is recommended that you update your browser to the latest version to view this page.
Please update to continue.

It goes without saying that click the OK button is not an option, as your browser would not be updated. It should be pointed out that Outdated Browser Detected fake alert affects all main browsers, and it appears even if your browser IS updated to the latest version. Consequently, it only confirms that nothing good can be expected of Outdated Browser Detected, and this application strives to infect you with adware which later on could lead to a serious malware infection as well!

How to remove Outdated Browser Detected?

As it has been mentioned above, if you have no installed any freeware or adware applications on your computer later, it is possible that only the website you have opened was subjected to exploitation by malicious third parties. Nevertheless, even if that is the case, you still should scan your PC with SpyHunter free scanner; because you can never know what other potentially unwanted programs related to Outdated Browser Detected fake alert could be on board.

Also, you should not download and install freeware applications from third party websites, because they are often bundled with potentially unwanted applications that often result in such pop-ups as Outdated Browser Detected. What is more, consider investing in a licensed antimalware tool that would protect your PC from similar intruders.

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